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  1. SI Joint Recovery

    Thanks for the input. I have a lot to consider and it is time to try some of these suggestions. One question, though. Is an SI Joint injury the type that will flare up for most people from time to time? I understand the need to keep the core strong etc. to prevent it from reoccuring. However, is this (hopefully) something that most people do not experience reoccurences? Also, I think I will approach my PT or doctor about the following medical restrictions: "Paul is not to do any housework or yardwork for the next 5 years due to the ackward twisting movements involved. Paul is to spend at least two (preferably three) weekends a month hiking and/or climbing. Multiday trips are required at least six times a year." If I am going to suffer with the pain of this thing, I think there should be an upside of some sort . . . Thanks again for all the input.
  2. SI Joint Recovery

    Thanks again for all the input. I put all my current symptoms, advise I gleaned from all your input, and some other of my own thoughts down on paper. My current plan is to take this into my PT and go over it with him. The pain is generally just more annoying than anything else. However, it is limiting my activity and it cost me and a fine friend a summit this year. Life is too short . . . Again, thanks for the input.
  3. SI Joint Recovery

    Thanks for all the advice. I read through the thread from last year and it gave my some things to think about. I am inclined to summarize all this and revisit my PT (and then go from there). I have been taking Omega 3 supplements (720 mg) for the last 6 months or so. I have taken Glucosamine and Chondroitin for several years now. It did wonders for my dog in her middle years and extending her hiking for a number of years. Rob, the Sports Medicine doctor I originally saw did the initial realignment of my si joint and legs, which were 3/4 inch off. The PT did some additional realignment as the first few times I was in for PT, the legs were 1/4 inch out of line. Thanks again . . .
  4. SI Joint Recovery

    I injured my "lower back" last March and after a couple of months of resting it, I finally went to a Sports Medicine doctor. After an xray and a quick exam, he determined that my SI joints (where the spinal column goes through the pelvis) were misalligned. He also noted that one leg was 3/4 of an inch shorter than the other leg due to this condition. He realligned my legs and the SI joints and I was sent to physical therapy. After several months of PT (and a recheck by the doctor) I was deemted to be stable and the SI joints were still aligned. The PT consisted mostly of core work (focusing on the abs) and certain leg/hip stretches. It has been three months since my last PT appointment. I still do the exercises and stretches and have done limited hiking. However, the joints themselves and the area of the back between the joints is still sore. Also if I do low back activity in a crouching position (think crouching and twisting side to side to do yardwork) the whole area flares up for a couple of days. Also, a high step with a moderate pack on a late summer climbing trip also torqued both joints. Anyone have any experience with a similar injury? I want to get back to full activity by January. I am planning a recheck with the PT people. Any other treatment options I should consider (a good friend and climbing partner suggested accupunctre)?? Thanks . . .
  5. Mazama Glacier

    Unfortunately, our plans got changed. One of our group cancelled and my wife really, really wanted to go to the beach for the weekend. So, we bagged it. Let me know the condition of the route, if you do go. Have a safe and fun trip. Paul
  6. Mazama Glacier

    I am thinking about going up the Mazama Glacier route on Adams this weekend with a couple of friends. If anyone has been up there recently, I would appreciate any information about the conditions of the route right now. Thanks.