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  1. Hey guys thanks for the info keep it coming. This has been a little embarrassing. You would think a guy that has been Climbing for almost 25 years would have come across someone that has ice climbed. It may have been that I have been a little scared to consider it, So I never looked for someone. Well talking about it is getting me excited about it. It sounds like Mr.Piton Knows what is going on. I wish you where closer. About the commit on the tennis...Do you put Crampon on them??? I got the Inverno's cheap so that is what I ended up with. I would be happy to hear what kinds on boot's people are really climbing in or what they are approaching in. If any one wanted to add a Rookie Ice climber's gear list I would Love to hear it. Anything that would be used in Rock climbing also I have it. I sport and Trad climb. After 25 years you end up with a ton of crap. Thanks
  2. WOW....WOW...That was a EPIC Trip! Thanks for Posting the Great Pics! Great motivation for me.
  3. I am looking to step up my Climbing/Mountaineering. To some Ice and snow, I am wondering how should a Ice Axe fit? I am 6'3" and I am thinking, like a 70cm axe would fit. Am I missing anything? What should I be looking for in a Axe? Any help here would be great any suggestion on other gear(Crampons,etc) would help also. I just got a Pair of Scarpa Inverno's and I am looking for some good Crampons that will be good to walk Glaciers and Climb vert. Thanks
  4. Thanks Bill, I figure it best to do some Research and look for Gear when it is HOT! I just saw Olsen's book might have some Oregon Ice in it. I will have to check it out. Yeah my first post, I just found this forum while looking for info on Oregon Ice. Looks cool I will have to keep up with you all and see whats up in the NW.
  5. I am new to this forum. But I have been rock climbing for about 25 years. Now I am thinking of doing some Ice Climbing. Does anyone do any Ice climbing in Oregon? Is there anywhere in Oregon to Ice Climb? Any input would be Great thanks.
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