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  1. [TR] Leavenworth - Outer Space 9/29/2012

    also, in my experience, bring a headlamp
  2. So awesome. Looks like a great trip!
  3. [TR] South Twin Sister - West Ridge 8/1/2012

    awesome, I always love the twins TR's
  4. [TR] Mt Rainier - Liberty Ridge 7/4/2012

    How much snow vs. Ice did you encounter? I was expecting things to be a good bit icier by this time of year.
  5. Bellingham-Free pile of old Climbing mags

    There are a few old Rock and Ice peppered in there.
  6. Where are the easy trad leads? <5.7

    Octopus garden up in the smoke bluffs at squamish? You'll find easier trad climbs elsewhere, but at the OG there is a rare combination of easy hands, good gear, and most importantly clean falls.
  7. I'm moving at the end of the week and want to get rid of a stack of old climbing magazines that I've accumulated. they're mostly from early to late 90's vintage and have plenty of cool old articles and advertisements in them. If I don't hear from anyone in the next few days, they'll probably go in the recycling. PM me for details. thanks