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  1. A friend and I are looking to climb a not-too-difficult route between now and Monday or Tuesday. Things we're considering: Adams Mazama glacier, Little Tahoma usual route, Eldorado east ridge, maybe Rainier DC. We don't like the idea of a two-person rope team.


    917 880 6744 or PM if you're interested, we can talk about background and plans.


    We have a car, a 2.5-person tent, and all the other gear except a rope. But we're not against buying a rope.

  2. A friend and I want to climb Rainier via the DC or Emmons route over 2-3 days, starting around August 21. I have been on a few easier climbs (Adams, St Helens, turned back on Hood) and we have both done an intro mountaineering course and practiced crevasse rescue. We'd like to have either one more on the rope or another rope team with us (ideally more experienced climbers).


    We will probably be attempting Hood or Adams a few days before.


    PM or reply if you're interested!

  3. I'm around until a redeye flight the night of the 12th. I'll be around Timberline Lodge until about 4pm tomorrow (6/9) and free after that. Anyone interested in teaming up to do Hood or Jefferson? If so PM me. I don't have rope or a car, but I can rent a car if needed.


    Other suggestions of non-technical climbs are welcome too.

  4. Hi, I'm in the Portland area thru the evening of the 12th. I'd love to get one last climb in this trip, are you able to climb in the 10th-12th range? I am especially interested in Hood or Jefferson. I'm 27, also a grad student, and a relative beginner (been on 2 climbs so far, plus some classes). I have all the gear I need except a rope, and no skis with me.



    917 880 6744