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  1. [TR] The Lions Head - Lion Tamer 7/9/2011

    Just climbed the route over the weekend. It really is a great climb and the 3rd pitch is most likely wet until mid august. We found the route in good conditions and dry in all but this one section at the top of the third pitch. I believe the route has had about 20 to 30 ascents since 91'. I personally know more than five people who have climbed the route, but did not bother to write in the log book. The log book is ruined from being wet. Most likely people don't bother to leave there mark with pencil and paper. If it received more ascents it would be very good and much cleaner. Even in it's current condition it is a worthy objective just for the position and scenery it affords.
  2. Ride share to Red Rocks March 23rd - April 1st.

    Hey, I'm looking for the same for March 27th through the 31st. I have quite a bit of climbing experience on long routes and looking to get some in while my girlfriend takes classes. I am confidently leading up to 5.9/10 in the mountains. I have good references if needed. Cheers, Christian christian510atgmail
  3. Looking for a Climbing partner(s) to do some longer routes. If your going to be in the area for the Rendezvous lets connect and go get some climbing done! I have lots of experience in the mountains. Cheers!