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  1. Hey guys, I got shot down last year on the Kautz and want to give it another go. Weekday climb starting on august 18th, with 3 or 4 days for weather. Let me know if you're interested! Brendna87na@Gmail.com - 425-652-4981 - Brendan
  2. I had a bad feeling about this spring... with those weak layers that formed way back in Nov/Dec - we're just now melting down to them. I wondered how bad the avy danger was going to be
  3. dear god anything...

    I'm game for anything this winter - if you need a 3rd for anything let me know @ brendan87na@gmail.com
  4. Anyone have a 90+ liter pack they LOVE? Tell me everything! Osprey and Gregory are on my radar atm... *edit* First post here and very new - glad I found you guys though!
  5. Gearheads: 90+ liter packs for 2-3 week excursions

    I had a feeling "You should do this and not that! What you're doing is wrong!" would rear up... I just want peoples opinions on packs they have, not critiques on how I choose to travel.
  6. Gearheads: 90+ liter packs for 2-3 week excursions

    Not overpacking for weekend trips for sure... 170-200 mile trips along the PCT are in the plans