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  1. Mt St Helen's Conditions

    Thanks! Wife and I ended up going up on Sunday... Just hiked to 4200, and had lunch in the sun. Beautiful day, didn't feel (or look) like February... Jake
  2. Mt St Helen's Conditions

    Anybody been up there lately? Is there any snow? Jake
  3. Portland area climbing partner!

    Hey all! Recently moved to Portland area, and would like to connect with a few locals to get out with. I have several climbs planned for this year with friends from out of town, but I can't sit around any longer waiting for them to show up Feel free to email @ jake@vagabondoffroad.com FYI, I have some experience in mountaineering, ice and rock. I just got a split board, so I'm anxious to go play on St. Helens... Jake
  4. FS: Skis / Boots / Bindings

    Just sent u a pm, please call me...
  5. Atypical ski video

    Great Video!!! Makes me think, "what if Danny Macaskill was a skier"... Jake
  6. I want to start back country skiing...

    Water, yeah! Real quality responses here! great advice, and info! ryanb, I really appreciate your comments, and typically would go that route, but I have "skied" down a couple of mountains now (Adams, Rainier, and Hood (forgot that one earlier)...) with a mountaineering pack on (ropes, camping gear, etc.) and know how much fun I was not having, and my climbing partners were having. I need to accelerate the learning curve a bit... Alex, Your comments about the right gear is well taken, and part of the budget issue. I had a BCA transponder, Avilung, aluminum shovel, etc., but sold it all when I moved... All that stuff is back on the list and I am out there looking for deals as we "speak". Regarding the practice, I agree with that as well. As a climbing team, we would regularly set up haul systems and practice rescues on the front lawn, or over the corness on the lower east side of the muir snow field. I am firmly of the belief that by the time you need to perform a rescue, the parts of the rescue should be second nature. Thanks again for all the solid advice!!!
  7. I want to start back country skiing...

    Hey guys, thanks for all the input! Looks like I need to plan a bit more budget for time in the front country... I can't really afford to go out a pick up my AT setup, so I had planned on renting alpine gear in the mean time, anything wrong with this? Ever seen them rent AT gear? My climbing partners have been skiing (mostly tele...) for years, so there is a good level of trust, and willingness to coach... They are the guys that took me up Adams years ago (trust?? maybe rethink that....). Also, we have skinned up to Muir, and some other short day trips. I also have done a 3 day tour in Colorado, so probably have total 10 days on skins. I just don't know how to turn in anything other than perfect conditions (lot of step turns...). I also thought about the tele route, and as much fun as that sounds, I think AT makes more sense... Here is my revised plan: Start going to crystal soon as much as possible... 1) Do group lessons with rental gear until 3 or 4 times, until I am comfortable getting down blues, and stepping off the groomed. 2) Continue as often as possible renting gear, and getting more comfortable, working up to blacks when I think I can. 3) Once I feel solid there, arrange a couple of private lessons (early spring) to venture off into the side country, and learn how to deal with the unpredictable crap. Maybe watch for a new snow - warm day(s) - cold day so I can practice on the icy/crusty stuff with instruction... 3) If all goes well, and I am feeling really good, maybe take a late spring trip up the lower part of Adams... To be clear, this is the most conservative/planned approach I think I have ever taken in anything I have ever done... I just think that b/c skiing ups the risk ante by a lot. Jake
  8. I want to start back country skiing...

    Yep that's it... I just moved back to the PNW, and want to do skiing right this time. When I lived here before (7 yrs ago), I did a bunch of climbing, and I am pretty good on a snowboard. Just before I left, I picked up an AT setup, and decided to learn how to ski. My approach was to spend on day on the lift, and then head to Adams... not so successful When I left, I sold all my gear. Coming back to the sport, my thought is to go to crystal, and do a few group lessons, then do a couple private lessons, and that should get me to a point where I can be good enough to turn in the crud. Am I crazy? Is this a reasonable approach? Is Crystal a good place for this kind of instruction? I know, just get a split board set up... I thought about it, and really want to learn how to ski... FYI, I have taken Avi safety classes, but will probably do a refresher class, and I am good with cravass/high angle rescue and safety, haul systems, ropes, anchors, etc...