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  1. Acid Baby 9/09 or 9/10

    Yo! I too would love to climb this. I've not researched it thoroughly...no more than checking out a simple topo, but PM me your contact info and some more details and we can talk.
  2. bump, just in case someone is interested in the above proposition.
  3. This is my first post here so hello all! I live in Duvall (SR 203 between Monroe and Carnation), perfectly situated between the sport routes of Exits 32 and 38, and the granite of Index. I'm looking for partners interested in climbing on weekday afternoons/evenings. We could meet at the crag, drive together, whatever. I prefer crack climbing to bolted routes, but really anything is fine with me as long as we're climbing safely and having fun. I can lead up to 5.10+ or 5.11- on gear, maybe 5.11+ or 5.12- on bolts. I have a double rack to 4", 60m half ropes, etc, so I'm fairly well equipped for most of what our area has to offer. My regular climbing partners have work-a-day jobs, so I'm just kind of looking to expand my horizons here. Hopefully someone that reads this will also be looking for some weekday cragging and we can meet up. Cheers, Will