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  1. Rainier MLK weekend

    I am looking for anyone that wants to go or wouldn't mind one more tagging along this weekend. I have had 2 summer summits of Rainier in the past 3 years via the DC. The weather this weekend should be amazing and really want to take advantage of this opportunity. I have taken a couple crevasse rescue courses and mountaineering courses. I am in excellent shape but do not mind going slow. I have most of the gear required to include a stove and 2 person mountaineering tent but do not have a rope. I have 1 other person that gave me a maybe about this weekend. Even if he goes, we would like it a lot better if we had at least a three person rope team. I live about an hour and a half north of Seattle in Anacortes. I have a pickup truck and could drive. If you are interested, email me at amcortese@gmail.com
  2. [TR] MRNP - Gib ledges/ DC 5/27/2012

    I will be out there as well this weekend. Hoping for some good weather.
  3. Baker partners for August 15-19?

    I am interested in climbing Baker this weekend. I live about an hour and a half away on Whidbey Island. I have plenty of glacier and crevasse rescue experience. I haven't done Baker yet but have done Rainier twice, once last month. I have all my own gear, stove, 2-person tent but I do not have a rope. I am in great shape and won't slow you down. Tony 502-432-3316
  4. wtb: Mountaineering Gear

    I have a MH down Parka but it has no hood.
  5. Anyone heading to Rainier this weekend?

    I am looking for climbers for this weekend as well. I have climbed with IMG in the past. You still looking
  6. Rainier via DC July 21-23

    I would be interested in a weekend attempt. Have all my own gear and been on Rainier a few times, 1 summit.
  7. NY visitor looking for a partner 7/23 - 7/24

    I am interested. I have done some mountaineering on Rainier and Denali but am new to rock climbing. I have been to gyms and done some granite in Denali last summer. I live about an hour and a half north of Seattle and have transportation if you are interested. Tony