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  1. Rainier via DC July 21-23

    I am going with RMI Tues/Wednesday, but the weather looks foul. In the case you still have space in your group I may like to retry if I don't summit on Wednesday as planned. Send me an im if this works for you! Thanks! I'd also be interested in the Disappointment Cleaver Route.
  2. I'm currently signed up for a 4-day summit climb with RMI. The summit day is set for Wednesday, which is looking pretty foul weather-wise. I'm going to see how far our group gets, but in the case we don't summit, I am hoping to hang around and retry once the weather clears up (which looks like this weekend) and reattempt with an independent group and am looking here for possible partners. I've come to Washington all the way from New Mexico for my second attempt with RMI. Last September my group turned due to avalanche danger. This year I am hard-pressed to reach the summit before returning home. I have decent experience. In addition to a 5-day summit climb with RMI last year, I did a NOLS mountaineering course three years ago, I have climbed many Colorado 14ers and reached the summits of Hood and Adam last week. If anyone is climbing Rainier this weekend and is planning on ascending the Disappointment Cleaver route, and has a spot in a rope team, I'd love to hear from you.
  3. I'm planning to attempt Mount Hood sometime during the week of July 11-15 and am looking for a partner of similar or greater experience level to climb with, preferably someone who has climbed Hood previously or an equivalent Cascade peak. I'm looking to do the standard route from the south, starting at Timberline Lodge. My experience includes a Mt Rainier attempt with RMI last September, a three-week glacier mountaineering course with NOLS in the Chugach range in Alaska, and the successful ascent of several 14ers in Colorado and 40 some 12,000'+ peaks in New Mexico. I understand the climbing season generally is considered over on Mount Hood in mid July and am would like to know if people on this forum would advise against my suggested dates. Unfortunately I can't come sooner. I'm hoping due to the increased snow pack this year in the Northwest conditions will cooperate with me. I want to avoid as much ice/rock fall danger as I can. So, if you can join or can at least provide important information, I greatly appreciate it.