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  1. Top 3 Climbing Food Items

    What are your top 3 go-to climbing food items and why? Oatmeal, because it's cheap and versatile. Beef Jerky, for something to chew on. Apple, for day trips.
  2. LOST: SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Mt Baker

    SPOT has been found. Tracked down to Lost and Found page on Craigslist. Many thanks to the guy who picked it up and made the effort to locate the owner.
  3. 6/26 Orange and black SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger was dropped on summit of Mt Baker, WA between 9-10:43am. According to track it descended the Coleman Glacier route between 10:43 and 12:07 when it was turned off. If you found my SPOT please call Brian at 503-750-7387, email me at brianwwookie@gmail.com. If you happened to be on this route with a group would you please ask them if a SPOT was found. Thanks!