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  1. Looking for partner(s) for a 3 day trip to climb these two peaks on the 100 highest list. Day one approach, day two climbing both, day three pack out. Looking for a fun outing. I need to delete this post but cannot seem to do that. Business travel came up!
  2. Lost Climbing Helmet at Vantage

    My daughter borrowed my helmet (who would say no?) for her friends, and it never came back from Vantage September 8th. Red, retro from the 1980s with a mountain rescue sticker. I wore it up Denali, so I'm attached to it.
  3. I went up on Memorial Day Monday for a day ski, and the people in the Muir hut reported that your kegger group pissed all around the back of the hut. Now people have to climb way over to get clean snow, and this will affect climbing parties all summer. This is definitely uncool!