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  1. [TR] MOVIE: Mt. Foraker - Sultana Ridge 4/27/2011

    Wow, thanks, that's very nice of you! Glad you enjoyed it :-)
  2. [TR] MOVIE: Mt. Foraker - Sultana Ridge 4/27/2011

    Haha thanks for watching! :-)
  3. [TR] MOVIE: Mt. Foraker - Sultana Ridge 4/27/2011

    Yuck! Not good... Naturally... I'd like to do a few shorter ones to AK, too... but even those can be tough. It just takes a lot of effort to get in there haha My mind is always blown by that incredible place EVERY TIME I get up there, though... LOVE it. Holy crap! 8 days in a tent... ACK! I thought I had it bad at 3... Bleh. It does make you appreciate the good stuff! :-)
  4. [TR] MOVIE: Mt. Foraker - Sultana Ridge 4/27/2011

    Thanks, man :-) Wow, that's hard work schlepping that much gear across the glacier and up to the toe of Crosson, only to pack it in for the route. Bummer... but cooooool you got onto the WB! But yeah, I know what you mean... even sitting at Crosson base camp two weeks before you guys came in, we had more snow and even some ok ice in the gully, but it was still like the mountain was falling apart all along that slope. It was pretty much just crumbing on that aspect, and generating constant rockfall. Seemed like mostly smaller stuff tumbling off, but we had a few pretty good noises, and even a slightly scary one or two. As an aside, it seems like there's some weird backlash against the classic routes in AK, with a lot of folks doing quick and committing 3-5 day in-and-outs these days, but I'm definitely a devotee of the classics... they're classic for a reason :-) Glad you liked the vid... I'm definitely coming back at some point to try that summit again, and by that route for sure. Everybody here knows Foraker via the Sultana--especially expedition style--doesn't give itself up easily. It's long, with some HEAVY ASS carry days, and definitely committing in places with huge drops, steep traverses, and big cornices, not to mention crevasse danger for almost all of the upper route. Not to be taken lightly. The idiots who say it's boring are just jealous they don't have the grunt to get up it. ;-) As of today, there have been 29 attempts on it in 2011, and still zero summits. She's a fickle one. Did you get up Denali??
  5. [TR] MOVIE: Mt. Foraker - Sultana Ridge 4/27/2011

    Haha well, that's good! :-)
  6. [TR] MOVIE: Mt. Foraker - Sultana Ridge 4/27/2011

    Thanks, Juan... glad you liked it. I had fun climbing (obviously), but making the movie was fun, too. I produced the whole thing in iMovie, actually. Side note: the song at 23:12 is my band Trip Device from the new album we released a couple months ago. It's all over the web, including here on iTunes.
  7. [TR] MOVIE: Mt. Foraker - Sultana Ridge 4/27/2011

    I used two different cameras... the Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR mounted with a 15-85mm f/3.5 lens was for down lower, and higher up, I cached that and used a Canon A710IS point and squirt. Post some pics when you get back!
  8. [TR] MOVIE: Mt. Foraker - Sultana Ridge 4/27/2011

    Thanks for watching... good luck on Denali! AND BE SAFE! There have already been a number of deaths high on the mountain in unsettled weather this year, including a couple that happened the day after we came out of the Range... and a death from a earthquake that caused a serac to fall off the top of the Root Canal area. Ugh... such a bummer. Maybe we should share war stories when you get back! :-)