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  1. That was a really fun day and it was good to meet you guys on the summit. Hey thanks a lot for taking our picture. Nice photos and how about the sunset that night? Too bad we were in the woods, haha. We got sucked into the deadfall on the walk out this time and it's like doing high steps while crouched low. I guess anybody that's a veteran WA schwacker knows the moves... Good climb!
  2. "We traversed the south side of Lousy lake, which was probably a mistake" Two friends and I are doing a traverse of the range in August. What would you have done here instead? Thanks for the TR.
  3. Great trip and great photos. Me and a friend are going this weekend. It sounds like the snow is melting really fast. I was there 3 weeks ago and there was snow at the trail head.
  4. Thanks for the post. I've never made that climb but it's on the list for this summer. Way to go climbing wet slab!
  5. Yeah that was quite a "Log Highway". I saw it a couple weeks ago. Going to SCW this weekend.
  6. I printed a photo of the Ice Cliff and pasted it on the wall in front of my desk so I can get comfortable with the route, photographically speaking. Does anybody know the magic number for Washington's average snow accumulation % this year? I was looking at the TOPO and the Ice Cliff Glacier is definitely smaller than it was when the TOPO was published.
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