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  1. Ride sharing to your favorite crag!

    1. Date: Spring and summer 2011! Mostly off Fridays and Saturdays. Will be off the whole first week of May. 2. Destination: Anacortes (Mt. Erie) is the closest crag for me but would be willing to venture further if I have transportation. 3. Origination: Orcas Island (one of the San Juans) 4. number in party: Probably just me. But if there's room, there's a friend or two who may want to come too. 5. if you can drive or not (and the mpg of your car if so).: No car. Can meet at the ferry terminal in Anacortes. Will pay for gas! I'm a new climber who's anxious to develop my skills and enjoy the sport. I have my own shoes and harness, but no other gear. Have some training from NOLS in setting up anchors and lead climbing. Looking to learn from folks with more experience. I'm a good mix of easygoing and adventurous.