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  1. W's Nepal Evos/crampon issues

    Dane is right on with the Grivel G22 or G20 suggestion. A friend of mine has had the same issue with getting a good crampon fit for her Nepal Evo. She ended up with an excellent fit using the G22. I also use the G22 but not because of fit issues. I just like it.
  2. Mt Sir Alexander doesn't see a lot of ascents even though it is a striking peak. This is likely a result of it not being an 11,000er as well as being somewhat off the beaten path. All of the more recent ascents I'm aware of have been by locals as it seems visitors from further afield are more intent on Mt Robson. The east ridge(left skyline in the picture)was climbed by Bryce Cox and Sean Fraser approximately 10yrs ago. I think this was the FRA of this route. I can't remember if it was a winter or early spring ascent but the conditions were certainly wintery with temps in the minus 30C range. Approach was made using snowmobile and skis. The north ridge is also a route but probably hasn't seen an ascent in a very long time. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually hasn't seen a second ascent. I think most ascents are from the SW side.
  3. J Mills and Dana Ruddy did the original NF route in a single push in August of 2009. I think they were very close to doing all free as well.
  4. Mt. Robson heli recommendations

    It could be they don't look dangerous in that picture because it's actually not a picture of the ledges. The ledges are out of the picture in the upper left corner. This picture shows the lower part of the glacier above the hut as well as the yellow scree bands which are both quite a bit below the ledges. Also, the ledges are still very dangerous....based on pictures and information from two close friends who did the route last August.