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  1. BD's newest Fusion winter '09/ '10 review

    well the thing is..... it aint a nomic it is a fusion!! like with all other products in climbing it takes time to get used to a new thing whether its new boots, shoes, cams, brakes or axes.. i think(my self) included, that we have been blessed( not ment in any holy way) with so many different choice of gear in our time.. for 20 years ago there weren't that many different choice so people either had to learn to use the specifique tool etc. or stop climbing.. i see the idea in trying to match to new tools against each other but think of this that the nomic had a full year or more to get addapted into the hands of us and then comes a new tool and try to fill it shoes after... it is hard.. i know alot of people whom didn't like the swing of nomic in the beginning and love it now.. so maybe if you had the nomics(and loved them) before but tradet or sold it of to buy a new pair you shouldnt had... if it works keep to it...
  2. BD's newest Fusion winter '09/ '10 review

    well i am new to this forum.. Normally i climbed with grivel quantum tech carbon axe which are not as curved as fusion or nomic more of an S bend axe with which i progressed trough the grades upp to 6! i recently bought the fusions(before) i read this discussion. i had simelar problems with the swing and the "bite" of the pick but that ended when i just learned how to swing the fusion as it should.. the pick on the qauntum was a "wide" hard one which didn't bite well in the ice unless you really beat it in(almost trough) the pillar.. so i used a metalfile to make a "longer" and narrower contact point(made the endpoint in a smaller angle)and now it bites the ice as if i had paid it to do soo.. on thing though regarded to the swing... if i try to swing from a lower angel(arms bend) then i can be virtually impossible to make it stick.. but then how often do one do that??