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  1. [TR] Liberty Ridge w/ Partial Ski Descent 4/11-14

    I'm late to this thread, but this needs to be said for any less experienced climbers looking in this thread: DO NOT SET UP YOUR RAP USING A TAG LINE IN THIS WAY; YOU COULD END UP DEAD Always make sure that you set up the rap in such a way that you could load only the larger (dynamic) rope safely; that is, ensure that even if your tag line was not getting enough friction and so was slipping through your belay device, that you have a biner or some other device will prevent the entire setup from slipping through the anchor. In this example, the rap ring and knot are on the WRONG side of the v-thread. In this pic with the v thread, is the tag line running through the v thread holes? Have not seen that setup before, although also haven't climbed with a tag line either, so wondering if that is a typical setup. Obviously leaves nothing behind when you pull the ropes, but I'd be concerned (not having tried it before) with friction when trying to pull them.
  2. Bump.. Sold and removed cams and scarpas from the post. Added a pair of Radical FT bindings. Lowered price of Spitfire AT boots to $400, which is ridiculously cheap for some super sweet boots.
  3. Hi, I've listed a number of items on craigslist. Please email me through craigslist if you're interested. NEW Plum Guide Bindings ($500): http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/3800570705.html Dynafit Radical FT Bindings ($400): http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/3833379349.html Used La Sportiva Baruntse Boots - Size 45 ($325): http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/3800598065.html Used La Sportiva Spitfire AT Boots - Size 28.5 ($450): http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/3800591996.html
  4. This stuff needs to be gone, so new prices: Bora - $250 MH Subzero - $130 DMM Cams - $45 (red and gold), $50 (blue)
  5. BUMP! I've been using the pants for skiing and decided to keep them. But the Bora 95 pack, Subzero Parka, and the cams are all still for sale. I'm open to offers/trades.. Currently looking for skis in size range of 170-180 cm, and 80-100 mm underfoot.
  6. Scarpa Mont Blanc GTX Boots- Size 10 - $250

    BUMP! Meeting with Darren fell through and then I got busy at work. Now I've been buying too much ski gear and need to offload these ASAP. Still brand new, still $250. Thanks!
  7. Scarpa Mont Blanc GTX Boots- Size 10 - $250

    If you're contemplating the sizing, you should try on a pair. I think they run true to size, but they don't fit my foot well. I have really wide feet in the front, but a super narrow heel, and while they're more comfortable than La Sportiva boots for my foot, my heal is too narrow and slips.
  8. Hi, Got these for a screaming deal, but don't fit my foot well. Never used except to walk around a bit inside to try on. Size 43 Euro / 10 US.
  9. Hi folks. I have some items that I haven't been putting to use: Bora 95 pack (medium) was used once, on a trip to Aconcagua two years ago. In like new condition. $300 (retail $450) MH Subzero Parka (medium) was used once, for same Aconcagua trip as pack. Only used on the summit for about 30 minutes, and has otherwise been stored in a cotton bag in my closet. In like new condition. $180 (retail $300) Marmot Alpinist Pants w Removeable Bib (medium) were used on one Rainier climb. In like new condition. $290 (retail $435) DMM Dragon Cams are brand new, and have never even been racked. I have two #3 (red) @ $52 each, two #4 (gold) @ $52 each, and one #5 (blue) @ $55. (retail $75/$80) Can do local (Seattle) pickup, or willing to do Paypal and shipping if you pay all related costs. Thanks!
  10. Higher Peak MAG-10

    Hi everyone, Spring is almost here, and I have a MAG-10 sitting in my garage and no plans to climb anything big this spring/summer.. I used the generator (and my partner used one also) to pre-acclimate for Aconcagua's Polish Direct this past December. (We ended up doing the traverse, and considered ourselves lucky just to get to the top, considering the weather). I don't want to sell my generator, because I am planning to put it to some more use myself But if anyone out there is near Seattle, has big plans for this spring/summer, is considering pre-acclimating, and wants to rent a generator for less money and less hassle than from a company that starts with an "H" and ends with "ypoxico", feel free to send me a PM and maybe we could work out a deal. Thanks, and happy climbing! Luke