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  1. Mt. Hood Conditions

    I'm headed up the south route tonight with a team of two others. At the mountain right now actually, and the weather is great. Almost no clouds and only mild gusts.
  2. Just Sayin' Hello...

    denalidave, I have a few friends that live in Stevenson. Maybe I'll send you a DM the next time I'm headed that way.
  3. Conditions on Hood SS?

    So it sounds like Late July through August is not a great time to climb Hood? Any suggestions on when it should start getting better again? Is there typically a good window in September or early-mid October? I'd love to get a Hood summit in this year, but I'm not real keen on dodging a ton of rock fall and I don't have enough Crevasse experience to risk it yet.
  4. glacier travel/crevasse rescue course

    I'm certainly interested, but I don't know if I can swing the cash at the moment. I'm sure it's worth it.
  5. Advanced Riskology

    Ha. That's pretty much true, Joseph. Not that I'm naturally any better at it, just a fascinating topic to me.
  6. Advanced Riskology

    Hey everyone, I run a somewhat popular blog called Advanced Riskology that's all about taking bigger and better risks in life. It's not a climbing or mountaineering specific site to be sure, but I do talk about it a lot and thought some folks here might be interested in checking it out. Stop by and say hi if it suits you. I'm loving the forums here. Learning tons. Cheers, Tyler
  7. Mt. Adams in Late July/Early August

    Hey mikizha, It looks like Adam and I are set to go on the 30th - 31st. I know that's not in your time frame, but if things change, I'm sure you'd be welcome to come along. Cheers, Tyler
  8. Mt. Adams in Late July/Early August

    Thanks for the reply Adam. I'll send you an email this afternoon.
  9. Just Sayin' Hello...

    Howdy. Name's Tyler and I thought I'd just drop a quick "hello" here in the Newbie forum since I just signed up to the forums. Been hiking and backpacking my whole life, but pretty new to mountaineering – St. Helens is all I've done so far – so I'm lookin' forward to all I can learn here. Cheers, Tyler
  10. Hey guys. Looking for a partner to climb Adams with me later in July or early in August. Anyone interested? I'm new to climbing (did St. Helens for the first time last month) but have been hiking and backpacking for years. I'm self employed so my schedule is flexible. Let me know if you're interested and we can get into the details. Cheers! Tyler