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  1. Vasque Ice 9000 Ice Climbing / Mountaineering Boots - $100 (plus shipping to your location). They are a men's size 7 (Women's size approx. 8 1/2) and are red and black. They are a double boot as shown. They have only been worn about a dozen times and are in stellar shape as you can see in the pics, very minimal wear. Retail on these was $400. Great chance to score a nice set of boots for way less than retail. Vasque used their Exo-Therm composite upper to give the Ice 9000 the flexibility of a leather boot while making it completely waterproof. Warm enough for climbing in Alaska or the Andes, the insulated liners are removable, allowing you to dry them in your sleeping bag at night. The carbon fiber shank is extremely lightweight, and unlike steel shanks, it doesn't draw warmth away from your feet. Made of ultra-sticky Stealth rubber, the step-in-crampon-compatible sole provides excellent friction on rock.
  2. FS Petzl Vasak Crampons and Salathe Bivy

    Price Bump Drop - great Christmas gift! Vasak Crampons - $80 Salathe Bivy - $80
  3. For Sale: Petzl Vasak Crampons with Flexlock Connections. Excellent condition, only worn twice. Points still sharp. - $100 Classic 12-point mountaineering crampon. For general purpose mountaineering, VASAK crampons are ideal. Twelve points ensure maximum traction in all conditions, whether you are climbing up steep slopes or ice couloirs. The length of the points is designed for maximum stability without having to high-step Sharp points for great purchase in ice. Two wide front points for purchase in snow, reinforced for rigidity. Second row of teeth angled towards the front for support when front-pointing. Third row of points to optimize bite on hard snow slopes. Four teeth for stability while descending face downhill. Lateral points for purchase while traversing. Linking bar can be set for flexible or semi-rigid modes to adapt the crampon to flexible or rigid boots Flexlock Connector - Multi-purpose binding system for all types of boots. Flexible toe and heel binding systems mold to the shape of the boot. The boots is held in place with a strap. For boots with or without welts, flexible or rigid, etc. - Toe piece made of plastic polymer, which remains flexible even in extreme cold. Forged front rings for greater strength http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/516/medium/Salathe.jpg' alt='Salathe.jpg'> In the Portland Area. Shipping not included in price. Can meet in the Portland area for delivery.
  4. Anyone know what the bolted line is just to the right (slightly around the corner) from the climb 9999 (5.6) is at the Southern Tip in Smith Rock? Didn't look like it was in the guide book, and couldn't find a reference online. Guessing in the 5.9 to 5.10a range? Fun climb - just curious what it is....
  5. [TR] Mt. Stuart - West Ridge 9/24/2011

    It was great meeting you on the cliff-side! Beautiful day to be up on the mountain, our first time on the West Ridge. Here's a couple of pics that we took of ya. A little like where's waldo - you're up in the top middle
  6. Rainier Southern routes conditions

    We were up on Saturday and ended up climbing Castle. The road is completely cleared but not yet open to Reflection. The snow in the lower portion above Reflection was pretty loose, even with snow shoes we wallowed a bit. Conditions were better higher up in the bowl and better packed. The 4 inch layer of fresh snow sloughed and slid a bit on the crust below.
  7. Oregon Ice update

    We climbed Mist Falls yesterday morning - a route on climbers left. Not too bad, we were able to get a couple screws in. Middle and right looked a little thin yesterday morning - and there was some ice fall coming down from above that was hitting the middle and right climbs (and a little bit on the left). Lots of spray with the wind, we got pretty wet. Still can't beat climbing close to home!
  8. [TR] Hyalite Canyon - 12/5/2010

    Great summary - it was such an amazing trip and spectacular way to start the season! Can't wait to keep exploring new areas - thanks for the introduction to Hyalite!(the wife
  9. FS - BD Cobra Axes, Atlas Snowshoes, SB Boots/Bind

    The snowboard boots/bindings are taken - that's everything. Thanks everyone!
  10. FS - BD Cobra Axes, Atlas Snowshoes, SB Boots/Bind

    The snowshoes are taken, thanks again to everyone.
  11. FS - BD Cobra Axes, Atlas Snowshoes, SB Boots/Bind

    The Cobra Axes are taken, thanks everyone for your interest.
  12. For Sale items - contact me if interested. I have more pics if you'd like to see something specific. Pair of Black Diamond Cobra Ice Axes – One with hammer, one with Adze, both with BD Android leashes. Excellent condition, lightly used. Picks are good. $200 Atlas 1230 Snowshoes – Excellent condition, lightly used. $120 K2 Snowboard Boots and Bindings - Men's Size 10 Snowboard boots with step in bindings. Boots a bit packed out but still in decent condition. $20
  13. Trip: Mt. Adams - Mazama Glacier/Headwall Date: 7/16/2010 Trip Report: Though easy to see from Portland, I'd never taken the opportunity to climb Adams. Since I was travelling back from work on Friday, we decided to split the climb up between Saturday and Sunday. Steve did some route investigating and found a potential alternative to the main route where it would likely be quite crowded. Instead we opted to go up the Mazama glacier and hit the headwall just before the false summit. Since the parking lot on that side wasn’t yet open, it did require some traversing from the main trail over. We weren’t sure if we could get through higher, or if there were cornices, so we chose a path that would stay fairly low around the mountain. However, as we were crossing ridges we ended up climbing up until we decided it was better to continue up and look for a way across rather than go back down. We ended up crossing on the Gotchen glacier to get across to the Mazama glacier. Topo shows in red the route we went, yellow the route we should have went, and green the route back down. We left the parking lot about 5:30, and arrived at camp at about 8,000 ft on the left side of the glacier at about 9:00 – spent some time route finding. We found a great bivy spot with some rocks blocking the wind and some nice flat snow. Headed up in the early morning on the Mazama glacier. The route was straight-forward, pretty much just point uphill along the most obvious line. There were a couple of crevasses open, but they were easy to see and avoidable. We roped up, but the snow felt really solid and the snow bridges were good. Right before the false summit we decided to veer right and do a bit of the steep headwall. Since we were already roped up, we set a couple pickets, mostly to stop a slide into the bergshrund below, but I think otherwise we both would have been uncomfortable unroped. We could have gone further right for a longer headwall pitch – but my legs were already feeling it, so I pushed to head on up. From there we followed the main route to the summit, and some fabulous glissade trails all the way back down the mountain. All in all a fun trip – and pretty isolated! Few more pictures check here.
  14. [TR] Rabbit Ears - Standard 5/19/2010

    Hey, I heard that!!
  15. Gorge Ice 2009

    Climbed Tanner Creek Falls on Saturday - made it out before the bad road conditions hit and had I-84 all to ourselves on the way back. Great Climbing! Climbed the first three falls (third fall was pretty wet). First Tier Second Tier Third Tier Right Side Third Tier Left Side