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  1. Sport/Trad/Alpine/Ski partners in Portland

    Hi man,I live in Portland too and have plenty of time whole spring/summer. I would love to get out as much as possible and use every weather window we get. I like your idea of meeting at Base Camp and discuss some goals. Let me know when and if you like to get together. About me,climbed most of the volcano`s (Hood,Adams,Jefferson,Shasta,...)I`m Belgian and climbed mostly in the Alps (Chamonix) 2 expeditions in Alaska,...
  2. Hi guys,I just moved to Portland from Europe and can`t wait to start climbing the cascades.I`m available pretty much whole spring/summer,just one problem,don`t have that many climbing partners here. I`m 38,very fit,safe and easy going,feel confident leading on ice/snow till 50-70 degrees (I follow steeper than that). I`m not looking to do extreme routes,just want to get out there and have fun doing it. Mostly climbed in the Alps (Chamonix),spent a lot of time in the PNW and climbed,Hood,Jefferson,Adams,Rainier,Shasta,...climbed Denali last year with a friend of mine from Europe,taking the upper West rib. Goals I have this year: Hood (N side or Leuthold) Mt Baker N ridge, Mt Adams (Mazama glacier headwall) ,Mt Jefferson (Jefferson park glacier) Mt Rainier (Liberty ridge),Glacier peak,Mt Olympus,... Let me know if you want to get out,or want some more info about myself Enjoy,be safe!
  3. Alpine climbing

    Hi everyone,I will be in PDX from 8-22 April. Anyone interested going for an alpine climb in the area? Hood,Adams,Jefferson,Baker,Shuksan,Rainier,...I`m up for anything!
  4. Hi,I`m a Belgian climber,currently in Portland,OR (till Thursday). I`m always looking for people who want to climb,I have been 3 times in Chamonix,always love to go back there. What period did you had in your mind? When you say something technical,what did you had in mind,what grade,type of climbing etc.? Maybe tell me a bit more about yourself and experiences. When you get back to me,than I will go in more detail about myself. Take care,and who knows...we meet in France! S