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  1. Comments on aliens...

    Hey Hemp22, To clarify, we do carry Aliens and have done so for several years now. As I am no expert in the field of metallurgy, I most certainly cannot say what constitutes a valid test, nor a sufficient sample size. However, I do believe the point to be valid that testing of damaged gear of any sort yields little in the way of valid results, though it is interesting to learn of the degradation of strength that occurs from use and exposure. I would suspect that cams from other manufacturers would undergo a comparable loss of strength when subjected to similar conditions, though in truth it is merely a supposition. You are correct that my experiences and those of my climbing partners are in no way an indication that all cams built by CCH are safe, but from taking and witnessing literally hundreds of lead falls from a few inches to stomach-churning, my experiences have been quite positive. In the end, first-hand knowledge and experiences are the best I can offer in any discussion; hopefully, it helps to create a complete picture of users' experiences.
  2. Comments on aliens...

    http://www.aliencamsbycch.com/cableTest.html http://www.aliencamsbycch.com/drop_7.html Clearly, this is a company that has had it's share of difficulties in the past, but they have made efforts to improve their production and my understanding is that every unit they produce is now load tested to half its breaking strength before leaving the factory. From my personal experience using Aliens, I can say definitively that I have never used a better camming device. I have not had any failures or problems of any kind after 3 seasons use. Several of my long-time climbing partners have taken repeated massive whippers (30+ feet) more times than can be counted and they have not experienced any problems whatsoever. In regards to the information from the initial post, the tests were performed on units which had clearly been subjected to heavy use, therefore the validity of the tests is nullified. All lab tests conducted on new units by CCH in the past several years has shown them to meet necessary safety requirements. Ultimately, personal preference will factor heavily into anyone's decision when buying camming units, but for those who prize a lightweight, incredibly flexible unit that fits into virtually any placement, I think Aliens are a clear front runner.
  3. Westcomb Factory Sale May 21-24

    Valhalla Pure Outfitters is proud to be hosting Westcomb's second ever factory sale from May 21-24. The sale will take place on our 2nd floor beginning at 4pm on Thursday, May 21 and will run until 5pm on Sunday, May 24. There will be incredible deals on a wide range of Westcomb clothing from fleece to alpine jackets and everything in between. For those not familiar with Westcomb, they are a Vancouver-based outdoor company building some the best clothing on the planet and they make it all here in Vancouver. Their products are characterized by very athletic fits, amazing attention to detail, and very unique fabric selections including being one of the only manufacturers to use eVent in their outerwear construction. Anyone interested in viewing some of Westcomb's offerings can visit their site at www.westcomb.com. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about the event. Hoping to see you this weekend.