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  1. Hi, My partner just bailed on me so I am hoping to find someone to climb with. I can leave as early as the 22nd and I need to be back on the night of the 26th. I lead up to 5.12+ (trad or sport, whats the difference?). If you don't climb that hard, don't worry, there is plenty of cragging to be had and there are lots of long moderates that I would enjoy getting on (Never been on ultimate everything or Angel's Crest, for example). On the other hand, if you've been thinking about Freeway and were a little nervous, we'll eat that shit for breakfast! If we drive up together, know that I am pretty intolerant of your average, immature, macho bro, so don't contact be if you are a high-school football player trapped in a climbers body. I'd pull my own hair out. Otherwise, I am easy to get along with. I have a vehicle. I try to avoid paying for camping, which is easy to do in Sqwamish. Hit me up!
  2. I lent someone a yellow-blue mastercam at index and left before I got it back. Figured they would stash it with all of my stuff, but instead they tried to find me (I was gone). If you know who they are or if you are the folks I lent the cam to, please message me or better yet, send me an e-mail at 206-316-0767. Thanks.
  3. The pants are furios I believe... maybe they are the mentors. I'll have to go look at them... anyway, they are by OR, have side zips... made of Gortex I think. I must have forgotten to post the softshell picture. I'll put it up.
  4. Interested in any trades? I have a ton of gear... check out my post. Scroll to the top for a description of the gear. There is a link in the description to a page where you can see photos. --Brad
  5. The bivy is by OR. It has the bug net (can't see in the photo) and it is the 2-pole style. I'll part with it for 50$, OBO. Of, course, if you have some TCU's or some other rock gear, we could work out a trade. --Brad
  6. I have a pair of med gaitors and a pair of large gaitors. Also just dug up a pair of sweet granite gear boot extenders for sort of modding mountaineering boots into decent ski boots.
  7. Still need gear? I have OR gaiters that I'll sell you for 45$ or trade for rock gear. --Brad
  8. I have a bunch of gear and I don't want it. I am interested in trades for rock gear. More on that later... Wild Things Alpine Suit: Large. Mint Condition. 250$ *sold Feathered Friends Parka: XL. Good Condition. 150$ *sold Dana Designs ArcFlex Astralplane pack: Very Good Condition: 200$ OR Mentor Goretex Pants: Med Good condition 75$ All prices are somewhat flexible, so make an offer. I don't have any price in mind for the following lot, so just make an offer (trades welcome). I have: OR hardshells: see the photos and make an offer (Women's med, Men's L, Men's XL). The softshel (blue) is a size L. *sold The electric gloves are small. A few last notes: The bivvy sac is in great shape except that the inside pole sleeve is made of a funny material that feels sticky. Don't know whats up with that...I've seen it on a lot of older OR gear that uses this particular nylon...it shouldn't affect anything though. Trades: I'd like BD cams especially a .75 or wide gear, TCU's or really any very small cams. I'm also interested in large cams, 70m or longer ropes, newish rock shoes, size 42 to 43,a functional lap top, engine work (diesel?)...and, of course, cash. Check out my flicker account for photos of the merch ...i am going climbing for a few days. PM me tonight or I will get back to you in about a week.
  9. Hey here's what I've got: Mint Condition Wild Things Alpine Suit (hard-core full-body goretex thing for climbing big, big mountains or riding a motorcycle in seattle)...this thing costs as much as a plane ticket to thailand... well, I haven't checked ticket prices lately, but you get my point. I'll take 300$ for it. Oh, I think it's a large OR 2-pole Bivy sac- decent shape OR softshell jacket- ski in it or drink coffee. OR synthetic puffy -Grey, med or L... can't remember Offer me Cams (especially offsets), 70+ meter ropes in good shape, silent partners or a place to park my van and live in it for the meagerest of rent!
  10. Looks like a third alien in the picture on the left. Maybe a "real" climber would have seperated all the cams and put them in the same photo... then again, maybe we could determine if he's a thief by carefully studying patterns in tea leaves. And yeah, the stuff is definitely worth more than 150$... 500$, no,... but... can't blame a guy for trying.
  11. Someone on CL found a couple of sacs of gear in Sodo and thinks that they're stolen. Anyone heard anything? Here's the link:Stolen gear?
  12. 25$ for master cams?!? Good luck, and if you're reading this and you are actually going to give away your sweet master cams for 25$, PM me, because I'll pay you something approximating what they're worth!
  13. I have a pack that looks like this by dana designs, but its red. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that its the Terraplane x. I'm looking for cash or trade for cams, preferably offsets or off-width sized gear... PM me! --Brad
  14. I've got an assortment of OR gear, including Mentor Pants , Furio Pants and a Wild Things Alpine Suit available for sale or trade. The zippers on the pants are in great shape, but they both have small, well-made, sewn-in patches...in pretty non-crucial locations. I've also got a couple of softshell jackets by OR, maybe a pair of gloves and gaitors, puffys in various states of repair (one is down, one is synthetic...) and thats about it. Most of the gear is size medium or large, but some of the stuff is pretty big. Just ask and I'll tell you the sizes. I'll try to post pictures soon. I'm looking for large cams... especially #4 and #5 BD's or #5 friends. Also looking for small offset nuts or offset cams. I'm also looking for a rope, preferably a 70m and I'm looking for some draws (but don't even offer if they're form the late 80's). Lastly, I'll take cash, of course. Let me know what you've got. --Brad
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