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  1. Trip: St Helens - SouthSide - Worm Flows


    Date: 1/28/2010


    Trip Report:

    Same old, same old south side winter climb on St Helens....just figured I'd try to get in the habit of posting my stuff on here.

    Left the car at 10, crater rim at 2:30, car at 3:45. Mostly high clouds all day, but great views of Adams and Hood. A lil' breezy up top and surprisingly good snow from 8,000-5,000 ft. Enjoy the pics!


    Crater rim looking Southwest



    Looking Northeast



    Couple inches of soft stuff



    From around 4500



    Gear Notes:

    Skis and skins.....preferably a couple Full Sail's for up top :)


    Approach Notes:

    A couple of rocky spots (hiking mandatory for a couple hundred yards or so)just outside of Marble Mtn Sno Park. But almost everything was skin-able and ski-able.

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