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  1. for sale FS - Wild Things eVent Bivy

    E-mailed Where is this item located?
  2. for sale Marmot Alpinist Jacket - Medium - $200 - Like New

    Just a TITCH too big. You can't see it but it's tight around the chest.
  3. Just a titch too small for me. I'm 6'1" 185 and my chest is just a bit too big for the jacket. Basically brand new condition. Color: Black I'll post pics tonight if you want but it looks just like the one on backcountry or REI.
  4. Volkl AX4 188 + Fritschi + Skins - BD Venoms

  5. Volkl AX4 188 + Fritschi + Skins - BD Venoms

    Also have a pair of BD Venoms used once I'd take offers on. (hammer and adze)
  6. Volkl AX4 188 + Fritschi + Skins - BD Venoms

    Price Drop By $50 on all items!
  7. I bought these last year and I ski'd these once after they were tuned up by the Mountain Shop. Lots of life left. I purchased them used, I just don't get out enough to justify having them. Good bases, sharp edges, ready to go. Freerides are size Medium and includes a pair of well used skins. If you're getting really steep new skins would be in order depending on conditions. Skis great. No problems. Everything is in good condition. Skis - skins - Binding $300 obo $250 Same with the Boots. Just not getting out much. Dalbello Virus 29 Almost new. I've never ski'd them. Picked them up last spring used and never got the chance to use them. -$200 $150 Sold
  8. Lost at: Broken Top TH: Canon S95 Camera Black

    I drove back this past weekend and searched for it with no luck. TH was crowded like crazy. That TH gets so much traffic I'm sure someone picked it up.
  9. Came back from a backpacking trip and took a photo of my car (old mitsubishi galant covered in stickers with a yakima rocket box on top), set the camera on top of the car and took off! I was tired, ready to go home. Not really looking forward to driving there from Portland to check the area. It'd be awesome if anyone could help put the word out! A group of Mazamas left from the same TH and were planning on returning 9/1/2014 if I remember correctly! Thanks! Caleb
  10. Questions - Boot Forward Cant and Fitness

    Thanks guys, I got a really good deal on these is why I'm not skiing Dynafits. Also the new dynafits changed their boot molds recently making them narrower. Sounds like the forward lean is 24-25 degrees (source: http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/archive/index.php?t-206259.html ) That seems high but also sounds like other people are having trouble skiing with these boots as well on that same forum. I may have to sell them and try to find something else. They are only "on" "off" walk/ski so yeah. Hopefully I can find a deal on a pair of Dynafits somewhere! Caleb
  11. So I just started touring after about 5 years away from the cascades. I'm running used Volkl AX4's with Freeride bindings. I picked up some used Garmont Radiums and headed up the hill after having them liners molded. Skinned to the top of Palmer and my feet hurt so bad that I just turned around. My skiing was terrible. I'm not a great skiier by any means but I just could NOT get the skiis to turn and the forward cant in the boots just locked my legs into excruciating quad burn and a very tough position to hold. A week later I had my boots punched and I headed up again. It was after work so I was about 3/4 to the top of palmer and decided to turn around. The snow was much softer and the skis much easier to control. My feet had almost zero pain, although the cant in the boots really was tough for me to hold comfortably after skinning for an hour and a half. Still got the same terrible quad burn that I'd never experienced resort skiing or with another setup. I rented a pair of skis and boots (Dynafit) from the Mountain Shop in PDX and went up two weeks before everything else and I had zero problems with endurance (quad pain) skiing down from about the same place as last time. So my question: Am I a wimp who just needs to train more so my quads can stay comfortably in that position after skinning and climbing? Is my form wrong? Should I try a different pair of boots with a different forward cant? Thanks!
  12. Whats the best soft shell pant for BC skiing?

    I really like my NW Alpine Fast / Light pant. They seem Durable, but I haven't worn a pair of softshell pants out in a long time! The Cuff expands really big for ski boots. http://nwalpine.com/store/#!/~/category/id=5178964&offset=0&sort=normal