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  1. I just got word from somebody who was up on the 6th and said the 'schrund was barely passable and the moat was getting nasty. They estimated a week left and with the hot weather coming I think the rocks will be the bet.


    Taking a buddy up for his first alpine outing so was hoping the couloir would be in for the variety it adds.


    Thanks for the bump!!

  2. off my rocker for pointing out that anti-government zealots have spewed the same anti "big government" demagoguery for 30+ years while they dismantled regulations, replaced regulators with industry shills, slashed social programs, sold government to corporations, etc ...? that kind of "off my rocker"?


    yes, you're off your rocker for instantly hopping on the defensive and taking a humorous post about a couple of absurdly named and themed candidates off the primary ballot and turning it into some everybody is a zealot, republicans are bad, we need more social programs rant.


    while government is agreed good. big government meddling in every facet run by career politicians with special interests in mind over the good of the people is bad.


    but the post was not about that or even close. it was about the humor of the possibility of Senator Goodspaceguy or Senator "Milkshake" Mike The Mover being sworn in. Both Democratic candidates btw.


    you spend too much time in Spray, go outside and live life.



  3. @denalidave - bummer man. Momentum was my first harness and still have it as a loaner. all 4 of my reg partners use them and love them and i bought the Primrose (womens version) for the fiance. not one issue with any of them. i'm gonna say you got jipped! i only upgraded to one of the new fancy arcteryx ones because i'm a gear whore...

  4. from the rap off trees just above the slab you'd be fine. from the first bolts should be good. there is a second set of chains/bolts as the 3rd/last station which I dont think a 50 will touch bottom from. was just up there with 60 and I dont think there was more than 10-15 ft left as extra on the last rap.

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