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  1. Awesome video Olyclimber!!!!
  2. My heart goes out to Dave and with Joe's family. I am a friend of Dave's and he was very supportive and sad with my loss Feb 15th on St Helens ( I lost my climbing partner Joe Bohlig ). I know that it will be tough for them, I am just getting back to some sense of normalcy and it has been over 8 months. I was lucky enough to be with my loved ones within 12 hours of the accident. He is having to deal with it for much longer. I hope that Dave will continue with what he loves and that I will see him next climbing season. I thought I would quit climbing, but quickly realized I would not. Friggin Cornices.......
  3. What are you paying for aifare? The best I could find was $2200. I am thinking more of South America now........
  4. Gator, According to most of my friends and family climbers don't have brains to injure anyways!!!!I remember the show about steady Ed Veisturs and the MRIs taken before and after an Everest climb.......
  5. Hi Guys, Keep up the posts. I am a helo pilot from Ft Lewis and if he is still missing tomorrow I will see if I can get a bird up there. I am part of the Rainier Mountain Rescue and I have climbed the South Spur route several times.
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