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  1. To the free soloist that passed us on Orbit - found your beanie on the SCW descent, shoot me a message and I'll send it to you.
  2. [TR] Sherpa Peak - West Ridge 9/26/2015

    Yeah Kyle, Pictures or it wasn't climbed.
  3. Found: Beacon - FFA > Dods > Dastardly

    Thanks JosephH! The "loser" of the GriGri knew nothing of our correspondence so when I sent him a picture via text of it he was blown away! He thanks you also! Happy climbing! ~DO
  4. [TR] Snow Creek Wall - Hyperspace 9/24/2015

    Hyperspace is all that and then some! Here's Plotz enjoying Psycopath for his umpteenth time.
  5. Don't miss the awesome Reel Rock 9! Bring a friend and for those on the "Wet Side" make a weekend out of it - Film on Friday then go climbing at Vantage Saturday and Sunday.
  6. Come join us this Thursday, the 27th, for great climbing, cool door prizes (thanks REI) and FREE BBQ'ed hot dogs. (Since you heard about in on CC.com send me a PM and get in for FREE!) More details: Tri-Cities Court Club rock wall
  7. D Kloke Memorial Workparty - April 23

    My 2 boys and I had a great time! John, thanks again for organizing. It was great to be involved in Dallas Klokes' memorial day. Aaron and his "Trail Bosses"
  8. D Kloke Memorial Workparty - April 23

    Count me in! John, thanks for organizing.
  9. NEW 5.10 Anasazi VCS size 9,5

    Just purchased 5.10 Anasazi vcs US mens 9.5 and they are too small will post pics if interested. $90
  10. Veterans

    My family and I thank all the veterans out there in CC world. We value and appreciate your service to the Great USA! (not perfect, but definitely great)
  11. Beacon

    My proudest send ever, belayed under the watchful eye of J. Opdycke. My best friend introduced me to climbing and we lived in Skamania and attended Stevenson High. My mom, don't tell her, would sign excused absence notes on dry days (the principle who was also my cross country and track coach called me in his office after 20 some excuse slips to let me know he was in the know)....anyway I could go on forever, but just wanted to say I enjoy all the psycho Bacon bable.
  12. Wednesday 5th Beacon, Ozone, Broughton's

    Bummer. Next time. Is the falcon closure lifted?
  13. This Wednesday Beacon Rock climbing partner.