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  1. I just spoke with Glen, one of the many noble Rainier climbing rangers and he was really not confident that we'd find terrain really anywhere. There's too much snow, and the rain/snow level is indeed at 7000' right now. #WhyGodWhy? So Alpetal might be an option if it remains in. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance, Joseph
  2. Looking to find some top-ropable ice... anywhere. We don't have high standards right now... even if it was only 10-15 feet and protectable we'll take it. Are you guys aware of any spots on Rainier that are reasonably accessible for this? I'd like to avoid rapelling into a crevasse or bergshrund as I'll have beginners with me. PS... Rainier is what comes to my mind, but I'll take anything anywhere south of Canada at this point. Thanks, Joseph
  3. Hey thanks for the beta and the photos! OMG… it looks like you had a fun day. I'll try to take some shots myself and will return and report…hehe. Cheers, Joseph
  4. A small group of us were thinking of heading up to Elliot glacier this weekend to try out the crevasse ice climbing. The NWAC isn't issuing any Av warnings yet this year, but I figured I'd still hit up the boards to see if anyone whose traveled up there this time of year had any concerns. We're pretty careful, but I wouldn't mind getting other's opinions about objective dangers up there this time of year. Best, Joseph
  5. Hey, my name is Joseph and I relocated to Eugene recently. I'm looking to hookup with a group or couple of individuals to do some mountaineering. I've got a little bit of experience, I climbed Rainier in '07 and used to climb a lot in the Wasatch before moving here. I have a dose of Ice climbing experience...(a weekend in Ouray...a few outings etc..). So if anyone is looking to lower their gas bill or just have an extra body I'd love to be shown around.
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