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  1. Mt Hood

    Hi all, A buddy and I are hoping to do something exciting on Hood later this week and thought we might tap into some of the veteran knowledge in this community. I've done the south route before and we were hoping to try something more off-the-beaten path and adrenaline-inducing. Initially I was thinking of Leuthold Couloir or the Reid Headwall, but after reading Holk's TR from a couple weeks back, and given recent warm temps, I'm starting to question the wisdom of this. Maybe it's a little late in the season to be getting on more technical routes, but I was wondering if y'all might have any suggestions. And FWIW, we're both competent mountaineers/climbers with experience across N. America, but have limited familiarity with Hood. Thanks!
  2. climbing options next week

    Hi, I'm wondering if any of you experienced locals could give me some advice on winter climbs in this area. I grew up here in Oregon but have done most of my climbing in New England. Back for the holidays, a buddy and I had been hoping to do something on Mt. Hood with a local friend of ours, but he has since bailed. We had been thinking of doing either some mixed climbing on Illumination Rock or going for the summit via a route on the south or west side of Hood. We were looking to do something early next week, but with avy danger trending up, our local friend bailing, and our low familiarity with the area (I've done the south side Hood in June), we're having second thoughts. I'm wondering what conditions tend to be like up on the south/west side of Hood and Illumination Rock this time of year. Would early next week be a bad or not fun time to go up there? Are there other winter climbing adventures in the area that would be better? Any advice would be helpful. thanks