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  1. Crashed in the truck and left Bunny Flats at 2 am. Made it to Helen by 6 am. Top of Red Banks around 11 am. Summited at 12:20. Back at the truck at 5 pm, and was eating pizza in town at 6! Good day, weather was great, conditions were close to perfect. The forest fire +/- 50 miles SW of the mountain mucked up the view some, but visibility was still good. Glissading was good, but heavy plastic came in real handy on the lower sections. Pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/2ndGenToyotaFan/MtShasta71109?authkey=Gv1sRgCIXch7r-nK6XcQ#
  2. Got'er Eric! Fits great, very nice jacket. Pleasure doing business with you!!! Jerod
  3. I'm interested in the Mithril. What's your height and wieght? And how do you like how it fits you? Just wondering how it will fit me at 6 foot and 185lbs (I hate buying clothes online....) Thanks, Jerod.