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  1. ---SOLD---So I still have my 50m 11mm rope that I tried to sell last year and didnt get any takers. Local sales only make an offer. I know not too many people are into the 50 m ropes anymore.---SOLD--- I also have the Golite Vahalla 4 tent that has been used on only 2 trips and is a 600 dollar tent. Looking to get 400 OBO.
  2. Glacier Peak via North Fork Saulk Trail

    Just got back from doing this route last weekend with my buddy kyle. There is only about 50 ft of road that is unpassable but we met someone who went up there on his motorcycle. The trail is in decent shape with only one kinda sketchy creek crossing and then there is a significant section of avy blowdown at around 4500 ft. Here is a link to our trip report on TGR, it was 48 miles rd trip.
  3. FS or TRADE: lots of new rockclimbing gear.

    sorry sherri, someone beat ya to the punch on the 4.5 cam. PM sent for the 3 smaller BD cams.
  4. FS or TRADE: lots of new rockclimbing gear.

    good choice on the left foot toes, I am left footed! BD 4.5 cam: $40
  5. FS or TRADE: lots of new rockclimbing gear.

    sorry, guess Im gonna have to hold on to the carpet then.
  6. FS or TRADE: lots of new rockclimbing gear.

    PM's sent out. The carpet I will trade for nekkid pics of your sister/mom/girlfriend. Mountain Dew: 50 bucks a pop, haha. Stapler: you can have it back when you pry it from my cold dead hands.
  7. Awesome TR, I think I just added a new spring project, thanks!
  8. Im in dire need of AT equipment but Im broke as hell. It really isnt fun to snowshoe when all your friends have AT gear or split boards. Anyway, I have an abudance of new rocklimbing gear that I need to unload in order to buy skins and trekkers/AT bindings. I would welcome trades too, as long as we could meet up in the seattle area. If at all possible I dont want to have to deal with shipping. Make an offer. What I got: NEW 50m 11mm Beal rope 4 new BD cams, 4.5 cam SOLD 1 metalios cam-SOLD 8 new BD stoppers, 3 hexs SOLD 5 quickdraws 1 locking biner