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  2. I am looking to trade a $376.44 REI merchandise credit for ice climbing gear or cash ($340). Or both. Items I am looking for are ice screws and Petzl Quark (Adze). Due to obvious reasons, meeting in person is preferable. Thanks, Gavin ps. Live in BC but minutes away from border
  3. South American Mountaineering Trip Boots

    Hi Sarah, I took a pair of La Sportiva Trango GTX to Ecuador last year and never got cold feet once. That being said, I also lugged a pair of doubles around for the entire trip just in case. I found that although the wind was usually howling the air temperature wasn't that cold. Cheers
  4. Trade: Marmot Helium +15F Long

    Impulse buy at REI about 6 mos ago. Want to trade a MH long for a MH Reg. The bag is in very good condition and has seen about a dozen bag nights. I only want to trade with a bag in similar condition. Prefer local(ish) pick up or drop off. Thanks, Gavin
  5. Thanks for reminding me of Ecuador. Me and a couple of buddies were there in January and had a fantastic trip. Guagua and Illinizas for acllimatization and 1 week at Antisana. Our original plan was to spend a week at El Altar but the volcanoe outside of Banos was way to active. Access to Altar was an issue with ash covering the road. Antisana was a fantastic mountain. We had the entire mountain to ourselves and the view of Cotopaxi was incredible. Although we had multiple attempts, extreme winds and AMS stopped us from summiting. I would love to go back and spend a couple of weeks climbing on all four peaks. 2 for 1 drinks in quito Thanks for the trip report..
  6. Piss in the bottle and mark in big writing on the side of the fuel bottle "Pee Bottle". I've never had a problem bringing the container on my checked luggage.
  7. Ecuador/Quito info

    Thanks for the replies. We are looking for porters because we plan to be at El Altar for 10days (ish) and we want to eat/drink well. Since this a vacation as well as a climbing trip we are kinda hoping to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. Thank you for your responses regarding gear shops. We wont be buying technical gear (hopefully) just the basics that we can't fly with. Gavin
  8. Hey, Heading to Ecuador/Quito for a couple of weeks and I am looking for some information on a few things. 1) Experiences and recommendations for a domestic outfitter. We are looking for a couple of porters and if the price is right, a cook. 2) Where to buy last minute equipment in Quito. Thanks.