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  1. Thanks all. XGK it is then. Any suggestions for fuel planning? Liters/person/day? Thanks again.
  2. Anyone have trouble flying with a stove or fuel bottle?
  3. so if not whisperlight, what?
  4. thanks - "2 liter pop bottle - CHECK"
  5. Whisperlite or Jetboil? pro/con and where is fuel (yes, white gas walmart and paint stores) or am I missing the boat entirely? tia
  6. Beta on Mt. Baker North Ridge route

    Is this just normal early-June snow closure or is something else going on - was going to head up in a few weeks but figured by then it would be melted out.
  7. Supplements

    By "supps" I'm assuming stuff you can buy off the shelf at GNC? For myself, I think anything more complicated than a gator-ade type drink mix and emergen-C packets and maybe some night-time melatonin is too hard to deal with. If I'm going to be out for more than a few days chewable fiber keeps the pipes running while eating crap food. Based on other Alpine climbers, "supps" of choice include: Poptarts Summer Sausage Cheese Pringles Chocolate YMMV
  8. Mid-October Muir Hike

    thanks - that sounds a lot better than dirty steel wool ice.
  9. Garmont and Scarpa tele boot liners work too.
  10. Mid-October Muir Hike

    Thanks, snowshoes wasn't on my list. Anyone have beta on the crevasses in the Muir Snowfield?
  11. Mid-October Muir Hike

    I will be going to Seattle to visit family in mid-October and wondered about the possibility of hiking up to Muir and spending the night for a workout and shakedown for future trips. Since I'll be alone I don't really care about a summit, just camping at Muir (and even at that, if the weather, etc won't allow for an overnight, a day-hike is cool as well). Previous experience on Rainier(I'm sure someone will ask): Winter expedition seminar at Muir in April 2007 Summit via Kautz July 2007 Is this feasible or should I do something different? Any advice/suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  12. Moving to eBay - sorry.
  13. Rules for cooking

    lots of salsa
  14. Cameras

    I'm using the Olympus 770SW. I've dropped it a number of times on rock and snow, taken pics while it's coated in ice, in the rain and sleet, at 4 F, and it's worked good. Haven't tried underwater yet. Aside from that, the zoom range is limited, the auto-iso is fuzzy at times, it gets confused and won't lock the focus or flash for as long as 5 seconds or so (so if you try to catch your leader mid-fall good luck, but it will lock on him once he lands, in case you need evidence of where you left the body). The pics are good enough for 8x10 and I have made a montage I blew up to 16x24 and it looks good enough. Sometimes I'll take a Canon XTi, but I don't think that's what you're looking for here.
  15. Home Server?

    The Mac Mini is a relatively cheap file server, and you can add a USB drive to it for more storage. Any crappy old laptop can make do, again, with a USB drive and you can use whatever O/S is already on it - most will do some variant of file sharing (except NT, which is a total PITA for filesharing) or if you're adventurous, install a 'nix variant. DO NOT use one of the WD book products - there have been reports of undocumented DRM problems if more than one PC attempts to access it.