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  1. Mt. Stuart Smoke Factor

    Thanks for the update. We decided not to go...too bad, this mountain has been thwarting me for several seasons now. grrr...
  2. Mt. Stuart Smoke Factor

    Anyone have up to date info on the smoke conditions on Mt. Stuart? Would like to do the W. ridge this weekend, but rangers say it's smokey up there. I'm thinking it can't be THAT bad, but maybe it is.
  3. Alpine this weekend?

    Thanks for the update Matt. I found a partner and we will be doing the SE rib instead of the gully. Have fun at work!
  4. Alpine this weekend?

    Is anyone interested in doing Shuksan via the Sulphide or other moderate alpine route this weekend (14-15th)? I'm comfortable on moderate mutli-pitch trad and have glacier experience. I have necessary gear, car, and live in Seattle. PM if interested or email cpchapp@uw.edu. -Craig
  5. Ice partner this Friday

    Nels, that would be excellent. I have a regular day job, so weekdays generally aren't an option, but should be free over the new year's weekend (Sat.-Mon.). Keep in touch and let's pick out something to climb. craig.chappell@gmail.com
  6. Ice partner this Friday

    I will not be available for the dates suggested, but would be up for getting out once I return on the 29th from visiting family for the holidays. I have just a couple days ice experience (alpine ice course with AAI), but like nels plenty of trad multipitch experience. Have tools and crampons, ropes, etc, but no screws.
  7. [TR] Mt. Stuart - West Ridge 9/24/2011

    What an excellent day. Congrats. Could you describe the rabbit ears you speak of? From your pic, they look akin to spinner leashes for ice tools (without the "spinning" part).
  8. I second JasonG's recommendation on taking the SE ridge variation to avoid the bottleneck-ing in the gully. Who doesn't want to round out that great approach without placing a few nuts on 5-easy lead?
  9. American Alpine Institute

    After taking the course, I must advocate for AAI also. I had a superb guide, Angela Seidling, who dealt wonderfully with her 2 clients that each had vastly different skill sets. I was never bored, and attention was paid to keeping me stimulated. I learned a great deal, had a great time, and got hooked on swinging ice tools all at the same time. MJaso: did you go on the course?
  10. [TR] Mount Baker White Out

    I did; I "rolled" it back to the original tent platform. Maybe 2 full rotations. It blew towards the rocks, not the open glacier...otherwise I thought about putting some rocks in it. But the wind seemed to be dying down compared to what it was in the early/pre-light, so I put it back in place, and figured with the bad white out, that would be the least of your worries. We didn't actually meet, but I enjoyed talking with your friend. C
  11. Anyone interested in the Fisher route over labor day weekend? Assuming the route is still in, which seems likely given the (somewhat) recent posts. I'm also open to other routes that weekend, just want to get out in the alpine.
  12. a

    We're going up next weekend via the Emmons, and want a third (and/or 4th). Sending PMs too..
  13. Goat Wall Route?

    yup, that was our climb alright. thanks ob!
  14. Goat Wall Route?

    Yeah, I agree and tried to convince myself of that, but our pitches/belay points didn't fit our topo at all (maybe topo is way lame? http://www.winthropmountainsports.com/inspireprint.html). There was no walking between belays (we only went up 3 pitches due to time constraints), and no detached block. Based on that topo, we were not on Inspiration, even if we scrambled up past the first pitch or two. Huh...hmmm... thanks!
  15. Goat Wall Route?

    We were on Goat Wall in Mazama last weekend (sans guidebook) looking for the Methow route...found Sisyphus, but couldn't find Methow Inspiration. We ended up climbing a few pitches on a bolted route up the gully to the RIGHT of the infamous lone pine tree. We scrambled to near the top of the gully, climbed one pitch of 5.6-ish, then the route crossed the gully onto a steep(er) face for a short 5.7/8 pitch. The next pitch ~10 bolts felt 5.9. Can anyone tell me what we climbed? The number for Mazama mountaineering is out of order. Thanks.