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  1. Dragontail Death

    "Full of life" is exactly how I would have described Matt Trinkle. In his freshman year at CWU he'd already become a cornerstone of the Central climbing community. He was energetic, outgoing and incredibly creative. I was truly looking forward to watching him grow as a climber and person. It is tragic that none of us will have that pleasure. I and some of the other climbers at Central had become worried about Matt's attitude toward risk. Although talented, his excitement for danger far exceeded his experience. I don't think he told any other climbers of his plans that day. Upon hearing the news, I think most of us assumed that he had been soloing one of the routes Dane mentioned. However, what Kyle said might make more sense. I know (third hand info) he'd talked of climbing Dragontail with a friend. Perhaps he hiked the backside and was downclimbing above the fin for some reconnaissance. I suppose we will never know. My condolences to his family. He will be missed.
  2. Fire near lower Tieton crags

    My boyfriend works on the Ahtanum fire crew and he was on this fire. From our limited phone conversation last night, it sounded like the climbing was not really affected (but the fire was near the Royal Columns and the Bend). They got the fire under control last night and now they are mopping up.
  3. My boyfriend left an Anasazi verde beneath wildcat crack a couple weeks ago. We've both been real busy and haven't had time to go back for it 'till today. We didn't find it. If you picked it up, let me know.
  4. I just got back from a summer of research in Nepal, that saddly did not include any climbing. That leaves me with a few weeks to get in as much Alpine climbing as possible before the busy life of grad school starts up again. Here is a start to my tick list S face prusik peak N Early winter spire west face S Early winter spire direct east buttress Clean break on Vasiliky ridge, silver star mountain Hyperspace, snow creek wall. but really I just want to climb with you, whatever you want to climb so give me a call or shoot me an email. emilyvparker@gmail.com 719-322-8175
  5. Eldorado Peak in the period Sep 10..13

    I might be interested. I'm looking to get a lot of Alpine climbing in before classes start for me. I'm away from home (Ellensburg) right now and thus away from my ever so informative guide books. I've heard the name Eldorado but don't know much about it. What kind of climbing are we talking about?
  6. Need 1 for Rainier, September 19-20th

    Possibly interested. I just got back from Nepal so I kindof want to do Ranier when I might still have a little altitude acclimation left. I live in Ellensburg but I would be happy to meet you. My email is emilyvparker@gmail.com and my phone is 719-322-8175.
  7. Aid / Route cleaning Partner

    the obvious answer... ellensburg, of course.
  8. Ice & Alpine Partners Sought

    Thanks for the clarification on "The Ham". Unfortunately I'm pretty far from you ("The Burg"/Eburg/ Ellensburg, WA) but I couldn't resist responding to your interest in smokin' hot babes. And I assume that from your use of the word "or" that if I qualify as a smokin' hot babe I don't need any experience. To clarify, I have half a lifetime of experience on rock but am new to ice and alpine and am looking for smokin' hot studmuffins to get me started. You might be able to find a few people to give good reference to my smokin' hot babe-ness.
  9. Any Climbers in Tri-Cities, Washington?

    I also live in Ellensburg and am looking to meet new climbing partners. I have rock toys and experience but none in ice, alpine, or aid. I'd like to though.
  10. near Ellensburg

    I just moved to Ellensburg recently and I need someone to climb with. I climb trad and sport but I'm excited to get into more alpine. I just got the Becky guide and I have been oodling over it, but I really need to get out there. Unfortunately I have no car so I'm very dependent on others for transportation. I'm saving up though. See icon above for my emotion regarding being stuck in Ellensburg.
  11. Climbing Next Week 8/6 - 8/12

    I also moved to WA recently and am looking for partner. Unfortunately I live in Ellensburg and I don't have a car, so that could make things difficult. If you are interested in climbing in Vantage I'd be on your way.