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  1. what's the new price on your bivy? i am in seattle, have cash...
  2. chute at snow creek- leavenworth

    yeah, I guess I will probably save that one for another summer... thanks for the brainstorm folks, i probably would have done it too...
  3. chute at snow creek- leavenworth

    Well I don't want to DIVE in the canal, I just want to float down it. It's only a couple of feet deep... and it seems like you could jump out if it got hairy. Has anyone actually floated down it or is everyone just speculating on the danger?
  4. Climbers- Has anyone else been tempted to float down the water chute that flows under the Snow Creek trail? It appears to go on for at least half a mile then mysteriously disappears.... Aside from that it looks like a super fun ride. If you have done it or know anything about how the journey would end (assuming one does not get caught) I'd like to hear about it.
  5. MSR White Gas

    Don't fear the dirty burn, its just as good and a hell of a lot cheaper! I have used the Coleman fuel for up to 30 days straight in my Whisperlite, and did not have clogging problems. If you are going on an extended trip and relying on this single stove, it would be a good idea to pick up a repair kit (available at REI or any well stocked outdoor equipment retailer), runs about $20 but is sooooo worth it for that inevitable blow out. The kit has a cleaner thingy in case the stove gets clogged, which is not a real big deal in the first place. Before you go, make sure you know how to take apart and clean the stove and then put it back together... for obvious reasons. Have a great trip!
  6. Cool, thanks everybody for the advice. Good gear DOES mean more fun (for me anyway...), although the warmest lightest jacket probably won't eliminate the misery of another northern hemisphere winter. I think I'll make my way over to Feathered Friends this afternoon!
  7. I am shopping for a down jacket with the following features- warm enough for the desert southwest in winter (sub zero ish....), lightweight, highly compressible, and tough exterior. It is to be used while climbing, camping, and drinking whiskey. I do not care about fancy zippers, high tech taped seams, or pockets on the arms. All I need is a really nice jacket that will keep me warm and not get all fucked up when I wear it. Any suggestions on what I should try and find? Feathered Friends seems like my best bet, is anyone wearing their lightweight jacket? Thanks for your help...
  8. Matt's Greenwood Auto Care is great. They specialize in foreign cars and just did some great work on my old Toyota pickup. Sadly, they are not cheap, but no good mechanic is. Very informative and willing to break down costs, send out parts to be rebuilt (quickly!) if it is the cheapest option, and best of all, they will give you a free loaner car while your truck is in the shop.
  9. Any Couples out there want to go TRAD climbing?

    Sent a PM, not sure if it went through. My partner and I might be interested in climbing with you, we will probably be in Leavenworth this weekend (Snow Creek Wall?) or maybe try and tick Liberty Crack in the North Cascades. Let me know if you wanna meet up.
  10. Selling off my virtually new, ultra deluxe mega pack- its just a bit big for my needs and should be seeing the trails. It is a women's medium, 5100 cubic inches (85 liters), fully featured and in almost new condition. Purchased in 2006 and used very lightly. This model boasts a top of the line suspension system, built on a thick, custom heat-formed hip belt (can be reheated and reformed at many Osprey retailers). Color is deep purple and black. Other features include a large, removable "brain," side access zippers, fancy water bottle holders and even a sternum strap emergency whistle! Its very nice, only a year old and retails for $379.00 plus tax. Make an offer!
  11. Hey Seattle climbers- My partner and I are taking our first trip up to Squamish. We would love to borrow someone's guidebook, in exchange for some beer or cookies or something. If anyone has the guidebook, lives in or near Seattle, and wouldn't mind lending it out for the weekend, I promise it will come back to you... thanks a lot! We are leaving Friday evening, email before then and I can come get it.
  12. Closet/Garage Cleaning Sale

    hey, i am interested in #38, 39, 42, as well as one of the day packs. Am located in Ballard- any way I could stop by this week? Can pay cash and will probably buy more than I meant to... Thanks 1984.wolff@gmail dot com.
  13. WTB hand sized cams

    Heading to Indian Creek, looking to expand the rack. Interested in buying your used (good condition only) cams, particularly hand sized pieces. If you are selling off your whole rack, let me know what you've got and what you want for it... Thanks!
  14. I'm turning 23 this weekend and really would love to celebrate by heading up to Washington Pass for some low key alpine climbing. My partner is out of town so I'm looking for someone who is interested in climbing the Beckey route on Liberty Bell, and maybe another multipitch as well if we have the time. You must have the gear to lead it because I don't, but we can use my ropes and I am fine with sharing leads. I am a relatively new climber, but have quickly become obsessed with the sport. Can follow to 5.10b, just starting to lead trad and not too comfortable beyond the easiest stuff. Just looking to have fun, hopefully meet new partners who have a similar outlook on climbing. NOT looking for a new boyfriend, but would be excited to meet either men or women. Let me know your background etc and maybe we can head up to WA Pass this weekend!