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  1. Sad news coming

    Thank you all for your kind words about Mizuki and our son, Brian. Nothing will ever bring them back, but reading your thoughts honors their memory in ways beyond our understanding. In the last few years, since Brian left home to go to college in Spokane, we have very few pictures of him, especially of him climbing. If any of you who climbed with him have pictures you'd be willing to share we'd love to get them. I've set up a special email account to receive them: briansdad79@gmail.com Feel free to send whatever pics/videos you'd like. Please, also, indicate when/where the pics were taken. Thanks so much! I'm sure all who knew him remember his gigantic smile, so to all of his and Mizuki's friends here, keep smiling in his honor, and keep climbing, but remember, above all else BE SAFE!