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  1. I am flying in from Minnesota on Friday to go get alittle bugaboos action in, however I have this weekend before I go free with no partner. I am open for anything however I would love to go do some moderate alpine objective. I am currently trading 5.7 quickly and seconding 5.9 quickly and can easily pull some 10's for sort bits. Technically I am not the greatest climber, I am however safe, decent with rescue and have been instructing wilderness courses in the mountains and other environments for 4 years now and have a good head on my shoulder. If anyone is up for alittle rock action any of these days let me know. Judd MacRae juddmacrae@gmail.com
  2. Is there still a spot open? I am coming out alittle early for a bugaboos trip and have been dieing to get a good slog in. I am a compete rock climber, have climbed three non-glaciated alpine peaks with snow slopes up to ~50 degrees and am a decent edurance runner. I am comfortable setting up 2:1 and 3:1 pulley systems on rock etc. Basically let me know if there is a spot for a glacier noob. Judd juddmacrae@gmail.com