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  1. yesterday we were at broughtons over at gandolfs grip, when stuff started flying past us and landing in the trees below...it was super freaky b/c i wasn't sure what it was at first. then i saw whole heads of cabbage whizzing by- not far from us at all. we yelled and screamed a bit and eventually it stopped- but WTF?? has anyone thought of or tried to put up signs on the trail saying 'climbers below, use caution' OR 'don't throw cabbage off this cliff please, there might be climbers below' seriously a sign for the random yahoos or drunk teenagers so that they might think twice before chucking stuff of a cliff. i am not sure what would happen to someone who got hit with a head of cabbage from 70 feet up, but i am glad i didn't have to find out. it sucked and was scary
  2. sounds like from the news reports that they were not wearing helmets and the woman wasn't wearing her shoes, but they did have harnesses on. had they just finished a climb and then gone to look for the set up for anchors on the next route? from the KGW story comments on the website they are saying the woman was an experienced climber and the guy was a cop/swat team member. so sad.
  3. this is very tragic. i can't imagine how 2 people fell off the top of a pitch. i hope we get more details, b/c perhaps we can all learn from their mistake. i know it's a bit dark, but it's why i read 'accidents in north american mountaineering'
  4. We are going to be down near Puerto Vallarta and want to climb around there- but not have to go all the way to monterrey to get to potrero. I have found a good amt. of route info on rockclimbing.com but it is all in spanish. does anyone know of good rock around guadalajara, guanajuato, aguascalientes, etc?? i keep thinking there will be some awesome website with all that info, or a guide book for all of Mexico but i can't find anything. THX
  5. climbing at Ozone yesterday and heard a loud crash- turns out a lead climber pulled off a big flake that hit him in the head and then fell down on the lower trail. i don't know this area too well, but i heard someone say the route was snake face or snake bite or something like that. it was one of the western most routes there. the climber was not wearing a helmet and left with a big bandage on his forehead that was soaked through with blood. he seemed OK when he was leaving- anyone know the outcome? is he OK? how many stitches? i gotta say, we were only there for a few hrs and we saw that rock fall incident, and then another when someone kicked a rock loose and it fell near the belayer. so many reasons to always wear a helmet!!!
  6. just wondering if they are both snowed in. about a month and a half ago we tried to go to french's but there was still snow on the last mile or so of road up to the parking turnout. and i just have no idea what Bulo is like right now- anyone?
  7. Book Recommendations Sought

    Lynn Hill's book- "climbing free" is really well written and i highly recommend it
  8. road trip vehicle question

    thanks for the info! all very helpful
  9. Dog Owners' index

    i have a dog and there are rare times that i bring her along b/c she loves to be out in the woods too- but it can be distracting when i am supposed to be doing my job...which is either climbing or belaying. There are special dogs who can be chill and sit in one spot while the owners do their thing. as far as scaring off wildlife- i think humans do a fair enough job of this, so don't drag the dogs into it. i love seeing a happy, well cared for and polite dog when i am out climbing- it can be a good thing.
  10. we have a large dodge van- with a built in loft that is basically a piece of plywood on stands- right now we sleep on it with our camping pads, but i am realizing it would be much more comfortable to have either foam or a mattress on top. anyone have experience either custom building or buying some sort of truck bed mattress or something like that? i don't have the dimensions with me- but it's the entire width of a ram van. the cheaper the better! thx
  11. Winter Rock Options

    I have done Jtree in Nov, Dec. and Feb. Here's what i recall: I have been coldest in feb., with the wind making it very difficult to function. Dec. (right around xmas) was real cold at night (down jacket is key), but every day was warm enough to climb, no snow that year. early nov was the best weather- shorts on some days, little wind, warm enough to climb every day and night's were very comfortable. so, it just depends on the year, but its always worth a shot!
  12. Tell me this isn't true - Jim Anglin

    tragic- he sounds like a great guy and a great climber. where did he fall? i am trying to picture which trail it was. many thanks, and thoughts and prayers go out to the family and everyone who knew him
  13. Am trying to get some info on portland area climbs not in any guide books. someone said there are some new routes in pdx behind some school? also, anyone climb at Cape Horn? i know people like to keep new/unlisted areas on the down low- so i will keep it hush hush if you share your info with me. much appreciated, Stacy