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  1. Thanks, Rainman et al. - I drove a delivery truck up and down 97 after college, and counted a lot of worthy crags. It's great that some are being developed...and I'll plunk down change for the 1st-edition guidebook.
  2. Thanks - I just have family in Wenatchee, so the allure of cragging/bouldering within 10-15 minutes of home is pretty strong.
  3. A friend recently told me that she was taken to a sport-climbing crag near Rocky Reach Dam, just north of Wenatchee. She didn't recall exactly how to get there, though. I searched online and asked at Leavenworth Mountain Sports, where the (very helpful!) staff offered directions to bouldering in that area, but didn't know how to find this mystery crag. Anyone know how to get there, and/or any more details about it? Thanks!
  4. Hi - has this jacket already been sold? If not, I can offer $50 for it and pick it up if you live in the Seattle area...please reply to moswenson@gmail.com. Thanks!
  5. Ordinary eyeglasses, possibly in a black Costco case. Likely dropped at Feathers or Sunshine Wall. Please PM me if picked up. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for starting this thread!
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