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  1. 163 cm Atomic Teledaddys (126-99-116) G3 Targa tele bindings with climbing wires Black Diamond "footprinted" ascension skins Alpina Lite 1/2 leather, 1/2 plastic size 7ish boots, worn but fine Cheapo ski poles if needed Skis and skins used maybe 10 times total, despite being 3 seasons old. Cosmetic damage only (little nicks and scratches) Skins are still great My wife decided to join the Dynafit revolution Whole kit $400 OBO Will consider selling a la carte depending on any interest. Welcome questions and offers. Dre' PMs are fine
  2. Hey Jerk, I believe I talked with you as you summited and came down the SS. I was taking my wife up. There was very little rockfall on the SS when I was up there. People were being very cavalier as always. I met the victim and his son. They were very nice. He had summited over 40 times. I was concerned they were descending that side. I saw them at 1115 and they werent hurrying to get off the summit.
  3. my buddy wears them in the wasatch and drives everything from 67 to 136 waist. He skis everything, including steep couloirs and such.
  4. my biggest are atomic helidaddys, 181(?)/99/117. THey work fine. I am also not a great skier so if i can control my skis at all on variable terrain, i am sure u can do great. I had old lasers and sold them. I only have f1s now. The ltwt is most important to me so i can do long, fast days. dre'
  5. they are great for touring and non-technical mountaineering. I use mine exclusively- skinny to fat skis. Some say they arent heavy enough to drive big skis. Oh well, I prefer light whenever possible.
  6. what r the SNOW conditions like in the wallowas right now? good snow pack yet?
  7. Maybe you should stay in PDX. The skiing kicks derriere.
  8. Have Friday night to Sunday night off. PM if interested. dre'
  9. Thinking of a trip down to Mt shasta weekend of 10-20. What are the conditions for skiing/mountaineering? Also possibly looking for a partner. PM if interested. dre'
  10. I'm sorry. I'm dense, two beers in. Soul brothers? U live in PDX, right? Need any more partners for next winter?
  11. Trip: MT Hood - SS-old chute Date: 6/19/2007 Trip Report: Decided to push my envelop a little 5300 ft ascent in 2:55:00 Summit Mt Hood 11239 ft Descent on skinny skis Drove 60 miles Drank 3 shots of espresso 9 liters of water Ran 20+ miles of trail 2000 ft of elevation 88 degrees in the lowlands Poor boot pack to Hogsback. Good boot pack above. Great creamed corn on way down from 10000.
  12. Out to MSH recently. 8 million feet of pow to break thru. Anyone been out there to break trail to timberline in the last few days?
  13. Trip: Mt. St. Helens - Worms Date: 2/2/2007 Trip Report: Started at 0815. Wanted to go late to warm up the snow by the time I was ready to ski. Reached top, then summit in good time. Warm, sunny, great views. First 1000 ft of descent sucked. Icy, crust. Traversed a little and got in the right canyon system and had fairly good snow for about 3000 ft. A great day. There were 20 or so people scattered over the mountain over the day. Approach Notes: Booted the entire ascent with skis on my back
  14. Were you with the trio or alone? PM me if you are interested in future stuff. My schedule is erratic but I get out as much as I can.
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