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  1. Tele Movies?

    What's cool about the Powderwhore series is that it's all done by the power of the human leg, all skinning, no heli or cat trips...
  2. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    Dudes, the reason the dad wants to take his kid now is because his kid likely won't be able to do these things as a teenager/adult since he doesn't have the use of his legs...
  3. 2 Dead in Snoqualmie Pass Avalanche

    and then there's crystal: CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN, Wash. -- Search and rescue teams are looking for three snowboarders who are overdue from a weekend trip to the Crystal Mountain area. The three men, said to all be from Seattle and in their 20s and 30s, were due back Sunday evening, but never returned. They are described as back country snow boarders and were prepared for two nights in the mountains. Search efforts began early Monday, but were hampered by extreme avalanche danger, bad weather, and flooding. Ground searchers were later cleared due to high avalanche danger. Searchers were using helicopters on Tuesday until darkness fell Tuesday night, and the search is expected to resume at daylight Wednesday. Officials say they will insert ground teams into avalanche areas if the snow has stabilized. The names of the three have not been released.
  4. Tele Movies?

    what about powderwhore 05 and 06? was there an 07? missed it if there was
  5. Moving to Portland

    PRG is probably the easiest accessed gym for you if you don't have a car. It's right on Burnside, which is the street that bisects portland into north and south quadrants. there's plenty of bus lines that run by that area. Not to mention you can take your bike on the trimet lightrails and there are bike carriers on the front of all the buses. PRG also has a small gym room with free weights, benches, and some machines. They have some cardio machines also, 2 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, and a stairmaster.
  6. Smith Rocks late January early February...

    not to be an ass but why does everyone call smith rock "smith rocks"?
  7. Aid climbing

    To all, thanks for all the info, I'm an avid trad climber but basically a nOOb when it comes to aid. I feel aid and big walls is the next step! It seems like something that I'd really enjoy, especially since I'm addicted to buying gear and I think I'd like the problem solving and technical aspects of the gear. The exposure that's achievable is inticing, although crapping into a tube not so much... Thanks for the tips on beginner routes nearby. I have little aid gear as of yet, I was hoping to do more research to figure out what I really want long-term. I'd be open to any suggestions!
  8. Book Recommendations Sought

    After nearly 10 years, I finally read "Climb" and was amazed at the light in which Krakauer described Boukreev in "Into Thin Air." It was good to finally read the other side of the story. I know Lene Grammelgaard also wrote an account of her viewpoint, has anyone read her book or know what she had to say about it all?
  9. Aid climbing

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for learning aid... any good books? Good spots near PDX to practice?
  10. 70m 10.3mm Petzl Zephyr Rope

    and here's a photo:
  11. New, never used. $150. PM me if interested in more details. Portland area.
  12. Hey, I'm looking into the Bellingham WA area and was hoping for info on the rock climbing and outdoor scene in the area... i've been told it is an awesome town with tons of great access to stuff. any advice? i know it's close to sweet spots like washington pass, leavenworth, index, and squamish, but is there anything good local? are the climbing walls at the YMCA or Western Washington University any good? how easy is it to find climbing partners out there, is the vibe there pretty chill? How about other stuff, such as cycling and skiing/snowboarding? I would appreciate any input. Thanks!
  13. These boots are too big for me. Used on 3 climbs, in good condiiton. $75 OBO. Good for mountaineering, ice and mixed climbing. 200g of Thinsulate low-bulk insulation for warmth. Tongue energizer allows fine-tuning of front support for ice climbing. Thickly padded tongue and collar. Crampon compatible. Polyurethane midsole with climbing-tuned plate. Sticky, terrain-biting Contagrip outsole. Removable insole. Full wrap-around protective rubber rand. Ultrasuede and synthetic upper.