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  1. Happy Holidays

    Let me see what you all would do with the situation I found myself in this morning. I did have a bit too much to drink last night. Upon waking, as I put a foot out of the bed, I see that my toenails have been painted pink. So have my fingernails. And my wife has hidden the remover liquid. What would be a good punishment?
  2. More Troops in Iraq

    PInk, forgive me, but I don't understand what you are saying?
  3. Happy Holidays

    I hope you all had a splendid Christmas/Holiday and that everyone stayed safe.
  4. More Troops in Iraq

    These are just thoughts on the topic, in response to no one in particular. The Bush legacy is going to be the worst. I'm not an American, though I do live here (Legally). But when most non-americans are hearing of the increase in troops in Iraq, most of them believe this is to prepare to make a move on Iran. True or not true? I don't know. Living here in your country, knowing so many of you and hearing how the country seems to feel, I just don't see how this could happen without the backing and support of the population. The situation is so precarious. All of those smaller middle eastern countries are frightened and just waiting to see what happens next. What scares me most is that I don't think Bush is smart enough to see that he at this time he has in his hands the future of the world as we know it. Maybe even the future of this poor planet.
  5. Most annoying poster

    Minx, here is the link. http://p068.ezboard.com/bahorseisahorse This is not a polite board. Not any of it. Long-standing feuds continue there. My name is the same there as it is here.
  6. Most annoying poster

    hahaha. I have been told much worse. And yes, my horses do seem to call me back. Mr. Bone, I suggest you try something new. Try eating the north end of a southbound skunk. Report back.
  7. Most annoying poster

    My mother was killed jumping a horse in 1996. It was tragic. But at the same time, it was fast and I knew she died doing something she loved. My father is now almost 83. He still rides and jumps. In fact I still take the occasional instruction from him. That is the good thing about riding. It is not age prohibitive. After all, Nelson Pessoa won the WC when he was 68. hahaha. Then he let his son take over Edited to add: I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas. It has been an education visiting your board. Later, Minx, I will give you a link to my board, yes?
  8. Most annoying poster

    Minx: Do you jump or cross-train with adestramento (dressage to you)? Are you US or FEI? I'm FEI. All of mine are PRE as I am a breeder from Spain. As for climbing, my wife and I are now looking for a good mountain (easy) here in Virginia to start on. We need a distraction from the pressures. What you said about "going south." Have you heard about the scare in Wellington? Lucky for us, Wellington is not on our schedule this year. We'll be in Spain. It's good talking with you. Any advice on someone who can private work with us on our "easy" mountain here in this area? Cost isn't an issue. We'd rather go private. Many thanks and I hope you have good and safe Holidays.
  9. Most annoying poster

    Minx, do you compete? What breed do you ride? I ride PREs.
  10. Most annoying poster

    Thank you, Minx. I am lucky. I have an indoor on my farm. Enjoy your ride.
  11. Most annoying poster

    Stadium jumping. The high stuff. As for horses being dangerous? So is crossing a street. So is climbing a mountain. Taking a horse over high jumps allows me to face my fears. Just as climbing a mountain does this for you. As for being a newbie. Sure, all of you were at one time. Minx, after reading at this forum, (no, I have not spent the majority of my time in this forum here, but in the newbie section), I just might see what it's like to pick up a rope myself.

    All I can say is that at this moment I am quite happy I am not his proctologist. If I were, I'd feel incompetent. None of the common instruments would be large enough to do the job.

    Two Cents is one of the most clueless fuctards I have encountered in the last 7 days.
  14. Most annoying poster

    Only the one, Mr. Bone. You are welcome to come to my board to check this out. Enelson, I did not take you to be "rough." haha. I just wish some of the horse people had a similar sense of humor and as tough a skin as what I find here. Now it's time for me to go to the barns. At least with your sport once yo are done you are done. My equine partners require constant care. My bottle of wine will have to wait. It's been good reading your forum. And in seriousness, I am sorry for the outcome.
  15. Most annoying poster

    You people are rough! Escondido is the name of one of my horses. The name is the same as I use on the horseboards. I lack the imagination to think up a new one. Edited to add: Now I have three posts. I wish you all safe climbing, good holidays. Carry on.