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  1. Ok.,,. Just a hypothetical question here team,.,. If you went into a climbing shop and they were selling VERY affordable harness' that were made in 2000-2002,.,.would you think twice?,. Do you think the staff would be dishonest in implying that the harness' were still as safe as they were when made? Does the shop have the responsibility to throw stuff like this into the garbage and deal with the loss in order to maintain sound credibility in the community? I have investigated as best I can, and it seems like most references suggest a 15 year shelf life for an unused belt stored in ideal conditions,. So the question remains, would YOU trust a belt that was made 8-11 years ago?,. If someone told you that it was safe and trustworthy what would you response be? If anyone has some additional beta on nylon lifespan, or just experience that would help me make my position more sound I would really appreciate any response,. OR, if you think I am approaching this from a position of paranoia and being too concerned please tell me!!
  2. Climbing Harness Safety

    Note: The shop employees have no idea where tha harness' have been during the years since manufacture,. Sold to the store through a private owner,. Maybe an old gear shop employee,. Or maybe someone cleaning out their garage,. No credible word on storage,.
  3. REI appreciation thread:

    man, whAT A stoopid post,.. if you read that, sorry for wasting your time.. Friends indeed.
  4. REI appreciation thread:

    Yea,.. it is abit repetative, these gripes and groans about how REI just isn't hard core enough anymore. Just a bunch of brainless lackies peddling climbing goods and ArcTeryx 3ply to dog walkers and professional coffee shoppers. But I just can't see the use in it all, it's a store. If your local shop was able to get a spot in the market like REI, i regret to inform you, that 20 some years later your staff would be showered, your selection would be tailored, and there would be posable snowboard action figures nex to the register. Ranting,... yes, but the fact remains that REI has been around long enough to have an associated community of people who need more than intricacies and spot products that only 1 in 3000 require. NOT saying that that 1 is any less important than any other, just harder(more expensive)to accomodate. They are a great spot for base level gear up, let the more particular parts of your gear chest come from the support of your local shop. REI is good for the environment, and non profits nation wide, not to mention the used gear sales and return policy. Use it for what it is, don't waste time bitching. Ranting, me, ... I don't intend to sound like a tool, this is just a late night rant, bitch all you like!!