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  1. Wanted - Metal Snow Shovel

    I am expecting to pay about 50% of the RRP. Of course, it does depend on condition and how much I like the model. That doesn't seem unreasonable.
  2. Wanted - Metal Snow Shovel

    I am looking for a used metal snow shovel. Preferably telescoping with a D handle. Thanks
  3. Wanted - Snow Shovel

    I am after a used snow shovel. It must be telescopic,reasonably lightweight and have a D handle. Thanks
  4. Tent, tools, screws, crampons, stoves, lots more

    HI, I am interested in purchasing a snow shovel. Are either of these 'telescoping' shovels and how much do they weigh and what are they made from? lso, how much to ship to the UK? Thanks