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  1. nope, i can't make it up in 4 hours. i just tell people i enjoy taking my time and checking out the view, taking pics, etc... All to hide the fact that i'm just letting myself get quite out of shape!!! Maybe I should train by running mountains?
  2. cold springs th closed due to forest fire!

    great pic frik! that does look like a pretty sizeable eruption!
  3. We have been wanting to get up the sunshine route for a while now, and just have not made it. I am now wondering if this would be a good route to do with the days getting hot, and the snow melting out quickly. It looks like a nice ridge route, which are usually pretty free from rockfall etc. Is this the case, or will be bombarded from above like on the south side? Thanks dave
  4. helens permits?

    i've never had anyone check mine. or seen anyone looking, but im sure the first time i try without, they'll be there!
  5. [TR] Mt Adams - Mazama Glacier 7/5/2008

    were planning on doing this in a couple weeks. hope we have as good weather as you did!! so did you guys just go cross country? doesnt sound like you followed the round the mountain trail over to hellroaring. how was the approach you took? if bird creek is still gated, this is the way we'll attempt, looks like fun! thanks for the post.
  6. Mt Hood end of July- <- bad idea?

    hey dinomyte, did you make it? how did it go? conditions? thanks
  7. Mt Adams road conditions?

    the road can be open, and still have snow at the trailhead. sounds like time to set a time to head up the mazama!!
  8. lost trekking pole.

    lost one of my trekking poles. well, lost isnt really the right word. I left it on top of st helens. monday the 23rd. orange and black. thanks
  9. St Helens Road now open to Marble Mtn

    did this early monday. i would go late/early to get on firm snow. when we were coming down about 10 am it was getting soft, by the time we were in the trees it was a slush fest. great conditions, and a great place to be. we wore our crampons, and had ice axes out for most of the accent, but it was dark, and icy going up. when we were coming down, most people were going up without crampons, but still had axes out. dont think crampons would do any good in the slush, and you could arrest without an axe. just depends on what time you go up. dont think snow shoes would help, but skis would be great!.
  10. St Helens Road now open to Marble Mtn

    wow, great pic. thanks!
  11. latest hood conditions?

    ran out of steam today!! three of us went to work at 6 am thursday, got off work by 6pm, spent time with our families, then headed to hood. now this never used to be a problem for me, not sleeping for 24-48 hours. i guess now that i am getting older it is! we started up from the parking lot at 2am, with clear skies, and a bright half moon. beautiful night, great snow!! about the time we got almost to the top of the palmer it got a little windy, and i started to feel a little sleepy. by the time we made it to the final approach to crater rock i started falling asleep while trying to walk up. now, with crampons on and an axe in my hand (it was quite icy and quite windy by now) this didnt seem to safe to me. so one of my buddies (the other was somewhere up on hogsback by now, didnt want to wait for us "old" guys) and i sat down behind a rock for a break from the wind, and to get somethin' to snack on. well, next thing i know im waking up with my butt feeling like it was frozen to an ice cube, which it pretty much was. i sat down and fell asleep for about 20 minutes, on the ice. not pleasant. i barely made it back down the mountain, half awake, my legs kept shakin. i guess im going to have to start taken naps or something before being up all night now. bummer. anyhow, beautiful night. great conditions (except for wind, which was apx 30+ mph). snow perfect, solid. everyone we talked to who summited said things were great all the way up. enjoy!!
  12. latest hood conditions?

    'cept for the entire population of pdx heading up the hogsback!
  13. latest hood conditions?

    we were planning on going up saturday. but with the weather, we figured we would go up on friday morning instead! im not a huge crowd person.
  14. Pole Creek??

    sounds like the road to pole creek th is now snow free!! just in time, im heading down there in a week. http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/centraloregon/conditions/current_trailshort_report.pdf
  15. mount hood - cooper spur approach

    they eat your food if you arent watching closely, found that out the hard way!!
  16. Mt Adams - Road into Cold Springs Campground??

    ouch, we had planned to do the mazama glacier june 2nd, but are putting it off until late june to late july now. crazy snow this year!
  17. check out the warning for the weekend. think we're going to postpone our trip a bit. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/warnings.php?wfo=pqr&zone=ORZ011&pil=XXXSABSAS&productType=Avalanche+Warning
  18. avalanche warning this weekend

    Great pics Joe! thanks
  19. QD's

    it also says 89$ new, so my guess is its a full pack. did you get yours uw?
  20. avalanche warning this weekend

    any site related to climbing, including all weather sites had the warnings posted! some people just don't think it will happen to them, or don't bother to check first. and yeah, if you insist on going anyway, get up early, and return early, early, early!!! temps were above freezing at the summit last night!
  21. avalanche warning this weekend

    supposed to be 75degrees friday day, and then only 50 degrees overnight!! thats at the 9000 ft level! we're going up with some noobs afterwork on friday and working on crevasse rescue and anchor building on the snow cliffs around timberline lodge (the ones from the snow plows in the parking lot). then go rock climbing on saturday. should still be a good weekend eh?
  22. did you make it up? how'd it go? hope you had fun. We are still planning on going up friday, but we'll see. supposed to be a hot one. as long as it freezes at night we should be good though eh. heres hoping!
  23. sposed to be hot this weekend. cant wait to see what it does to the snow up top.