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  1. liberty bell

    "Selected climbs in the Cascades" is a great book - includes Liberty Bell.
  2. Two-person team is looking for one or two climbers to join in (or merge our teams) our climb of the DC route. Climb Date: Aug 3-4 OR Aug 4-5 OR Aug 3-5 (Either way) This is the only weekend available to us. Admittedly, we don't have a lot of time to get to know each other, so we are going to have to rely on depth of experience. You have to have roped glacier travel experience, practiced your rescue techniques and all your own rescue gear (pulley, picket, prussiks, etc). You have to be fit, strong hiker, smart, reasonable. Know when to quit and when to press on. We could use a good tent, if you have one, otherwise we bivy! We'd love to get a beer or dinner, maybe a weeknight hike to Tiger MT. Our team: Climber 1: Lots of alpine experience for the past 7 years, snow, rock and otherwise, roped glacier experience, knowledge and practice of self rescue and other-climber rescue using Z-pulley, prussiks, etc. Former Search and Rescue member. Plenty of summits, up to 18,000' I have a good 9mm rope, some snow-pro and all personal gear. I can tough it out and I can quit while I'm ahead - want safety and fun. Climber 2: Lots of hiking and some rope experience, strong hiker, very fit. Hiked to Camp Muir last weekend to practice rescue techniques with Climber 1. Not particularly experienced at high alpine summits, but certainly worthy to get started.