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  1. The route we did was the actual "McTech Arete", up Crescent Spire: we raped with one 60m rope; just barely, we were definately at the end of the rope between stations, but it worked. The rope didn't get stuck in too bad a place while rapping off of Buckingham route; I just had to lead back up about 10m of easy 5th class and then down climb, it wasn't too bad of an inconvienience at all. Have fun!
  2. best of cc.com Cassin Ridge TR

    you're alive! you guys are really alive! that's fucking awsome! good to hear from you! Congrats!
  3. Skinny dyneema slings - 2 years later...

    oops... I was trying to quote that last bit... just wondering; I thought that it was generally a bad idea to belay trad with any sort of static device???
  4. Skinny dyneema slings - 2 years later...

    My main take away from this is that it probably is a bad idea to belay with a grigri/cinch or any other relatively static device when climbing trad on these rascals...