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  1. I am looking for someone who is interested in climbing the Marsupials with me for one day on either Oct. 17, 18, 19 or 21. Rod J. 541-408-3500 PS: I have been climbing for 15 years & have climbed as hard as 11c sport. Looking to climb mid-10s this trip.
  2. I will be in Port Angeles between 8/13 & 8/16 & would like to climb at Elwha (again). I'm looking for a morning to mid-afternoon partner. ~11a sport, climbing 8 years. Rod 541-408-3500
  3. Elwha Wall

    Heading to PA 8/13 - 8/16. Still looking to climb at Elwha? Climbing 8 years, ~11a sport. Rod 541-408-3500
  4. Looking for mid-week climbing partner(s) @ Smith Rock. Wednesdays or Thursdays preferably. I climb sport (10c/11a) & trad. (5.9/10b). Climbing for 9 years. 541-408-3500
  5. Smith winter climbing partner

    Tomorrow is looking nice. Are you free to climb? Rod 541-408-3500
  6. Last nice day of the year (I've said that before). I climb up to ~11b sport & ~10a trad.
  7. smith/trout when it's dry..

    Will you still be around Thursday? I climb up to 5.11 sport & 10a trad. Been climbing for 8 years.
  8. Smith on Sat.?

    I'm leading sport up to ~10c right now. Been climbing for 8 years. Don't want to miss the perfect weather tomorrow.
  9. I am looking for a partner for Sun. (10/23/11) to climb in Washington anywhere along the I-5 corridor between Olympia & Portland. I am coming from Port Angeles & heading S. at the end of the day. East of Portland is OK too (i.e. Broughton Bluff). I lead sport to ~10c & follow 11a. This is my 8th year of climbing. Rod: 541-408-3500
  10. Left = purple LaSportiva Mythos (size ~47) right = LaSportiva Trad Master (size ~45) These shoes were left in front of 'Double Time'(N. Point, Smith Rock). If you have these, or know who does, please call Rod at 541-408-3500. Thank-you
  11. http://www.smithrock.com/flash/events/images/westside-rock-party.pdf Please join us for a day of climbing area rejuvenation followed by dinner, entertainment, a raffle and a viewing of the Reel Rock movie (all complimentary). Register at the REI booth between 7:30am and 9am Sponsored by: Access Fund, REI, Edelrid Ropes, Mad Rock Climbing, the Cascades Mountaineers, Smith Rock ‘09 Supplement, Redpoint, Mountain Supply, Climb Max Mountaineering, Big Agnes and True North Mortgage. Registration and after-work functions will be run in conjunction with the Smith Rock Detour. Please contact Rod with any questions: 541-408-3500
  12. Cranbo, Thank-you for your (useful) feedback. In the interest of keeping costs down, I initially went w/ a stapled laminated cover. I tried many different combinations of cover stock types/thicknesses, scoring (single & double), laminate thicknesses & pressing techniques over the last 1.5 months. Unfortunately, there are just too many pages inside the book for it to lie flat. So, I unveiled a new option at the Spring Thing last Sat. - a laminated cover w/ a spiral binding. I polled ~18 climbers there & all but 1 liked the spiral cover version better (the 1 was 50/50). Two things they liked about it was that it lies perfectly flat & you can open it 180 deg. so only 1 page is showing. The down side is that it costs more to produce. So, starting w/ version 2.0, coming out in ~2 weeks, all supplements will have the spiral binding. They will also have: 1) updated route info & route placements (new updates incorporated weekly), 2) more routes and 3) include a map & route descriptions of the cave on the S. tip of the Mudpile. The cover price will go to $10.95 (which I'm sure will get a rise out of someone on this site). $3 from the sale of each supplement will still go to the ASCA or the Access Fund. This is still a work in progress, but I think that I am getting close to a finished product in quality, accuracy & usability. Again, thank-you for your constructive criticism. If anybody else has any other ideas that I can use to improve the usefulness of the supplement, please let me know. Rod PS: FYI: http://www.safeclimbing.org/news.htm#smith_suppliment
  13. Bill, Thanks for your thanks. It occurs to me that everyone might not know who the ASCA is, so here's a link: http://www.safeclimbing.org/ I will also be sending some of the proceeds to the Access Fund: http://www.accessfund.org Rod
  14. Spring Thing Trail Construction 17th Annual "Spring Thing" Saturday, May 9th (http://www.smithrock.com/flash/events/st_09.html'>http://www.smithrock.com/flash/events/st_09.html) Be a part of the 17th Annual Smith Rock “Spring Thing” volunteer day. This one-day event focuses on restoration projects to protect and enhance public lands in and around Smith Rock State Park. Projects include: erosion control, trail improvement, grass and tree planting, trash cleanup, climbing route cleaning, & chalk removal. The “Spring Thing” will end with an appreciation dinner starting at 6pm. The evening celebration will include a slide presentation, prize raffle and fund-raising auction of outdoor gear with proceeds earmarked for future events and projects at Smith Rock State Park. The non-profit Smith Rock Group organizes and coordinates the event in partnership with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) and other corporate and private sponsors. ------------------------------------------------------------------- SPRING THING INFO: Saturday, May 9, 2009. Registration is from 8-10 AM by the main fee station at Smith Rock State Park. Parking passes, breakfast snack, water, sunscreen, work gloves, direction, tools and supplies are included for all registered volunteers. Free dinner for volunteers starts at 6:00 PM followed by the ever popular auction and raffle. For more information about the event or to donate for the auction contact: Ian Caldwell at iancaldwell@hotmail.com or 541-504-7746, ext. 23 ------------------------------------------------------------------ The following is a link to the 'Spring Thing Projects' page: http://www.smithrock.com/flash/events/st_09.html The Westside projects are in the greatest need (in my opinion), but will receive the least number of volunteers because of their remote location. Please consider signing up for any work on the Westside.
  15. Did he get married? I don't know - sorry. Rod